Varsity Jacket

The Obsession with Jordans
13 Feb 2013

If you already did not know, I have an obsession with sneakers; specifically Air Jordan. My obsession with Jordans started in elementary school. Growing up, they were the one line of sneakers that I could never afford. Fortunately, the Jordan brand recognized the popularity and cult-like following of past Air Jordans and every year, the […]

Fall / Winter Essentials: Burgundy
10 Dec 2012

Normally when we dress for fall and winter, we only think of dark colors such as blacks, charcoals, and dark greys. We often ignore anything with color due to the fact that it does not suit the cold seasons. One colour that can easily be incorporated with your fall and winter wardrobe is the colour […]

Fall Essentials: Layering Part I
19 Nov 2012

One fall fashion trend that will never go out of style is layering. Every fall, all fashion blogs, websites, and magazines always speak on the importance of layering when the temperature takes a dip. By definition, layering clothes involves dressing yourself using multiple garments that are worn on top of each other. There is a […]

Fall Essentials: Varsity Jacket
23 Oct 2012

With fall in full effect, jacket weather is upon us. One jacket I have been wearing throughout the past few fall seasons is the varsity jacket. A varsity jacket can be defined as a short jacket that sits right below the waist. Traditionally, the jacket was originally worn by students in athletic college programs to […]