Toronto Menswear Shops Pt II
11 Feb 2016

A while back, I did a post on some of my favourite places to pick up some fire jawnz in the city. OG stores such as Uncle Otis and Nomad made my list, but fast forward two years later, the number of menswear stores seemed to have doubled in the city. While I still visited […]

Lacoste City Golf Collection
15 Oct 2014

With the continuing influx of sportswear inspired silhouettes in the menswear market, we are beginning to see brands step out of their comfort zone and offer collections that take inspirations from athletics presented in a clean and modern fashion. Lacoste, a brand that is deeply rooted in sportswear,  is no stranger to giving men the […]

Daily News Project
11 Aug 2014

It took awhile, but Canada, and more specifically Toronto, is slowly becoming a player in the world of menswear. With our proximity so close to New York, our individuality and presence often gets overlooked. However, over the past two to three years, designers out of Toronto are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. Daily News […]

My Top Five Toronto Restaurants
26 Jun 2014

I don’t know when it or how it happened, but the intertwining of fashion and food is happening. Whether it’it’s coffee shops within retail stores, burger collaborations with streetwear companies, or chefs collaborating on clothing lines, the two industries are crossing over. To switch things up I want to share other aspects of my life […]

Bather Trunk Company
13 May 2014

With summer vacation currently being planned and booked, many of us are eagerly anticipating the hot weather that is bound to be coming in the next few weeks. Beach wear is one area in menswear that seems to get overlooked.  There’s no doubt we’re seeing men take a more conscious approach to style over the […]

Justin Tablada Talks Menswear & Personal Style
29 Apr 2014

I’m really excited to try something new at Speaking Of Style , instead of constantly being in front of the camera , and only offering my perspective on personal style and fashion , I thought it would be a good idea to introduce men who I get inspiration from , and  who I feel have […]