Winter Essentials: Wool Tie
19 Dec 2013

Living in Toronto, it’s hard to relate to some of the fashion & style trends that are popular in other cities. I would love to be able to wear a modern tweed jacket out the door, but when it’s minus fifteen Celsius, you can’t really do that in my city. One winter trend that every […]

GQ X GAP: Best New Menswear Designer in America
2 Oct 2013

The GQ X Gap capsule collection is fast fashion collaboration done right. Each year GQ announces a handful of winners they feel are the best new designers in America. The newly crowned designers then team up with the global retailer to create unique capsule collections that are made available to the masses. This year, GQ announced […]

Spring Essentials – The Stripped Knit Tie
16 May 2012

Most men think of ties only as work  or formal wear. I could not disagree with this misconception. One accessory I think every man should own and wear more often this spring/summer is a striped knit tie. Knit ties are the perfect tie for spring/summer. They are classic, lightweight, and give you that European flare […]

Spring Essentials : The Layering Vest
29 Apr 2012

One item that often is overlooked and underrated for spring is a layering vest. Men are not wearing vests during this time of year. Most men only associate vests with a couple things: a three piece suit or a waiter at a five star restaurant. A spring-time vest gives you ability to have a sartorialist […]

Spring Essentials: Functional Windbreaker
4 Apr 2012

Dressing for early April can be a difficult task – it’s not too hot to wear a winter jacket, however it’s not cold enough to get some extra wears from your fall coats. A lot of men in the city often forget that spring is a season in itself. You need pieces in your wardrobe […]

Spring Essentials: Scarves
28 Mar 2012

When it comes to dressing for spring, men often dress as if were the middle of summer. Whenever the temperature rises above 15°C, the flip flops, shorts, and bright polo shirts start to make its way on to the streets. What men often forget is that spring is a transitional season: The temperature dips from […]