Mixing Prints & Patterns
22 Aug 2013

With the growth of menswear, we are now seeing an influx of pattern mixing. Men are now mixing and matching different prints to help better define and refine their personal style. Depending on who you ask, or what fashion site, blog, or magazine you read, you’re always going to get a different answer on how […]

The Striped Sweater ft. Frank & Oak
18 Jun 2013

 With the official day of summer quickly approaching, t-shirt and tank top weather is upon us. Even with the rising temperatures, it’s still handy to have some options other than your favorite weekend t-shirt or tank top.  One item that often gets overlooked is summer knitwear, more specifically, the striped sweater. The striped sweater is […]

Dressing for winter in Hong Kong
10 Jan 2013

Over this past Christmas, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Hong Kong. There is no other city in the world like Hong Kong; the city never sleeps, always vibrant and has the perfect blend of east and west cultures. Dressing for Hong Kong can be tricky in the winter time. The city hovers […]

Summer Essentials – Espadrilles
8 Aug 2012

Being a self-confessed sneaker head, I normally swear by sneakers all year round. It’s hard to sway me away from them. However, with an unusually hot summer, it just wasn’t manageable and functional to be wearing my favourite pair of Jordan’s. I decided to sallow my pride and give Espadrilles a shot. Ever since wearing […]

Summer Essentials – Tank Tops
14 Jul 2012

July can be one of the hotter months of the calendar year for most cities. Let’s be realistic. When the temperature feels like 40°C with the humidex, looking presentable and stylish isn’t on the priority list. If you are looking to beat the heat and want to look good doing it, it’s time to invest […]

Summer Essentials – Horizontal Stripes
21 Jun 2012

With summer in full effect, one essential that every man should incorporate into their wardrobe is horizontal stripes.  It is a trend that never really went out of style, but played a subtle role in menswear. This season, stripes are at the forefront of menswear trends and are just about everywhere. Horizontal Stripes are easy […]