spring/summer 2016

The Hoodie is the New Suit Jacket
29 Aug 2016

It’s been talked about almost till death for the past two to three years; Even I’m tired of saying how menswear is now dominated by casual, sportswear and athleisure as opposed to the more traditional offerings such as suits, ties and hard bottom shoes. Menswear has never been more casual. Every time you think tailoring […]

The Fanny Pack Over the Shoulder
8 Aug 2016

These days, anything with any bit of 90’s nostalgia seems to be making it’s way back to the forefront of fashion trends. Now it’s the fanny packs turn to return from the dead and be brought back into the conversation of stylish accessories. It’s 2016, and I think it’s definitely time to get over yourself […]

What Traveling Taught me About Style
6 Jul 2016

I was always the guy who chose to buy the new pair of sneakers or the latest and greatest over anything else. I could always justify clothing,shoes and acessories, and could always talk myself out of going to events, trips and general life experiences that required heavy sums of cash. Maybe I grew a brain, […]

Breaking Down 2016 NBA Playoff Style
31 May 2016

Being an NBA junkie, I’ve pretty much been glued to my TV for the past few weeks with the NBA playoffs. It’s been well documented that the NBA is one of the more style conscious leagues in North America. Players are often photographed walking into the arena and that small walk is often treated like […]

Basic Rights
18 May 2016

Read any menswear blog or publication and they will always stress the importance of basics. You know, those investment t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans that we tell you to buy in droves. Basics are, well, kind of basic. Their not supposed to excite you the way a flashy pair of sneakers do. Having a wardrobe of […]

How To Wear Oversized Looser Fits
12 May 2016

For the average joe this probably goes totally unnoticeable, but for the past two years or so menswear is finally loosening up a bit, and headed back to looser more airy fits in terms of a silhouette. That’s the way fashion kind of works. Once the trickle down effect of overall trends finally even hits […]