Sneakers To Purchase in 2016
1 Feb 2016

I was a fan of sneakers before the craze hit the menswear market, and now that sneakers have saturated the men’s footwear market to the point where the men who use to hate on sneakers, have ditched wingtips and brogues for Stan Smith’s and Air Force One’s. To the untrained eye, it is easy to […]

Fall/Winter Essentials : White Sneakers
6 Nov 2014

Why White Sneakers Work For Fall The sneaker is one shoe silhouette that seems to be dominating menswear at the moment. No matter where you turn in the world of menswear, the sneaker seems to be the main shoes for runways, photoshoots, lookbooks, and on the feet on everyday men. This fall, the sneaker obsession […]

The White Sneaker Project
24 Jul 2014

I think it’s safe to assume that we all owned a pair of white sneakers growing up. You know, the go-to white pair each of us had; played in and roughed up throughout our childhood years.  I remember keeping my all white sneakers clean and white meant everything to me since I never had more […]

Puma Blaze of Glory X Sneaker Freaker
4 Jun 2014

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone with Puma I’m not going to lie, when it comes to sneakers, I have a loyalty to a four letter company that starts with an N. A look into my sneaker collection, and it’s mostly sneakers from the four letters, and their sister company that features the greatest basketball […]

Five Ways to Dress Down Your Summer Suit
20 May 2014

If you invested in a suit for the warmer months, why not get as much return on your investment? Wearing a suit when you’re not required to will make you stand out, but in a good way. Being a little overdressed is a hell of lot better than to be underdressed. Instead of just waiting […]

Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaner
27 Mar 2014

With the end of a bitter winter, many of us are looking forward to breaking out some of our favourite sneakers. As a sneaker enthusiast, I like to make sure my favourite kicks are always looking as clean as they can be. There is nothing glamorous about sneaker maintenance, but it definitely pays off.  The […]