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How To Show Off Your Personal Style without Peacocking
16 Mar 2016

With peacocking becoming slowly, but surely becoming a thing of the past. The current menswear landscape seems to be favouring the less-is-more approach. The new in vogue menswear look is going back to it’s roots with tailoring at it’s base, but fusing it with modern day inspirations such as sports and streetwear. With men taking […]

Victorinox Alliance Watch
6 Aug 2014

Personal Style & Watches I’ve never been much of a watch guy; with a smartphone in my hand at all times, I felt having a time piece on my wrist was redundant. It wasn’t until this year where I decided to give wearing a watch one last shot; I finally understood why watches are still […]

Puma Blaze of Glory X Sneaker Freaker
4 Jun 2014

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone with Puma I’m not going to lie, when it comes to sneakers, I have a loyalty to a four letter company that starts with an N. A look into my sneaker collection, and it’s mostly sneakers from the four letters, and their sister company that features the greatest basketball […]

Developing Personal Style ft. Kristen Lam
21 Aug 2012

Torontonians have developed a reputation for being fairly conservative in the way we dress. Too many people around the city are unwilling to take that leap of faith and venture out of their comfort zone to develop their personal style. Instead, we have individuals playing the safe card and limiting themselves to following the latest […]

Interview: Kristen Lam Talks Fashion and Personal Style
15 Jun 2012

Before starting Speaking of Style, I must admit my knowledge of women’s fashion was fairly modest. Most of my knowledge up until that point had come from either ads in magazines or through the high-end brands on display in department stores. This, of course, gave me a very narrow understanding of fashion from a females […]

Classing Up Camouflage
23 May 2012

I think you all know by now that I have a ridiculous obsession with the camouflage pattern. There is something about the military inspired pattern that I find very appealing. I started my camo obsession with a modified pair of authentic army fatigues that were cut slim; Since then I have been addicted ever since. […]