Mixing Prints & Patterns
22 Aug 2013

With the growth of menswear, we are now seeing an influx of pattern mixing. Men are now mixing and matching different prints to help better define and refine their personal style. Depending on who you ask, or what fashion site, blog, or magazine you read, you’re always going to get a different answer on how […]

Weekend Summer Essentials
18 Jul 2013

When the temperature rises to uncomfortable and sweaty levels, it’s hard for any of us to be thinking of “looking our best”. We all just want to take the easy route and throw on those flip flops and washed-out oversized t-shirt or tank top. Dressing for those blazing hot days on the weekend does not […]

Spring Essentials : Denim Jacket
28 May 2013

The denim jacket, we all know what they look like, they’ve been around for years, and everyone from the most stylish celebrity to our mom and dad’s has probably owned one. Denim jackets have become quite the staple in men’s wardrobe, however, I was never fully sold. This past spring, I finally decided to give […]

Warby Parker Review
7 Mar 2013

Today, glasses have become more than helping you correct your vision; they have become an extension and accessory in fashion and personal style. Unfortunately, there are several unaccommodating issues with the purchasing and wearing glasses. I have been wearing them for most of my life (started at 6 years old!), and it’s not always been […]