Fall/Winter Essentials : Modern Hoodies
17 Nov 2014

Hoodies have felt like they have always been around forever. With more relaxed dress codes in the corporate environments and the rise in “basics” in menswear, the hoodie which was once reserved for weekend brunch and coffee runs are now being worn out to dinner and bars on saturday nights.  This fall, there are fresh […]

The Transitional Hoodie ft. Reigning Champ
2 Apr 2013

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. For those of you who don’t already know, Toronto normally has some pretty harsh winter weather. It got to a point where I just was not inspired to do any more winter themed posts, and didn’t make […]

Speaking Of Style’s week via Instagram
4 Mar 2013

Random Lunch – Takoyaki  Warby Parker Eye Glasses Random Morning Breakfast  Winter storm in Toronto  Zara online shop launching March 6th Reigning Champ x Beauty & Youth Charlie Brown Raps  If you would like to see more pictures , please follow us on instagram @speakingofstyle/http://instagram.com/speakingofstyle

Fall Essentials: Varsity Jacket
23 Oct 2012

With fall in full effect, jacket weather is upon us. One jacket I have been wearing throughout the past few fall seasons is the varsity jacket. A varsity jacket can be defined as a short jacket that sits right below the waist. Traditionally, the jacket was originally worn by students in athletic college programs to […]

Modern Camo Pants
1 Dec 2011

Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot more designers are returning to camo by incorporating the patterns and colors into modern pieces. People are afraid to wear camouflage. A lot of men think it is too out of the ordinary – you never want to look like G.I. Joe on the streets. If done […]

Fall Essentials: The Proper Fitting Zip Hoodie
30 Oct 2011

One piece that I think often gets overlooked as being not fashionable and too casual is the hoodie. In my opinion, a proper hoodie can be dressed up and worn casually without looking sloppy. When picking a hoodie for the fall and winter, I keep three things in mind: the fit, fabric and style of […]