Worthy Fall Upgrades
6 Sep 2016

While menswear has began to mimic womenswear where trends are a big discussion of style, it still differs when it comes to pace. The basis of men’s fashion is a slower moving conversation. It’s not uncommon for one popular silhouette to remain relevant for many seasons. Instead of offering a standard trend guide fall and […]

Breaking Down Street Style Photos Via Fall/Winter 2016 Show’s
4 Feb 2016

If you’re following menswear over the internet, this is the best time of the year. Fashion shows such as London Collections Men, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Uomo are all stacked together within a three week time frame. If you are like me, stuck in minus fifteen degree weather and unable to […]

Topcoats & Why They Are A Worthy Investment This Fall/Winter
15 Oct 2015

Most menswear enthusiasts seem to lean towards fall as being their favourite season of the year . It’s the season where you’ll be able to wear more than a t-shirt and not get called out for being a bougy d-bag if you have on a blazer or sportcoat. There are generally more accessories and options […]

Why You Should Spend on Outerwear
8 Dec 2014

Every fall/winter during this time of year, a lot of my friends try to hold out until the last minute to score a deal on a winter jacket or feel that they can just get by putting together some sort of extreme layering combination.  As much as we want to buy the beautiful jacket at […]

Affordable Fall/Winter Boots
13 Nov 2014

Main Image : Four-Pins As we await for the snow to eventually make it’s way to our sidewalks , streets . and feet , we can at least prepare for the incoming slushy , messy, powder that we will need to get  use to seeing for the next few months. As much as I would like […]

Fall/Winter Essentials : White Sneakers
6 Nov 2014

Why White Sneakers Work For Fall The sneaker is one shoe silhouette that seems to be dominating menswear at the moment. No matter where you turn in the world of menswear, the sneaker seems to be the main shoes for runways, photoshoots, lookbooks, and on the feet on everyday men. This fall, the sneaker obsession […]