Fall/Winter 2015

Trends that made up Menswear In 2015
20 Dec 2015

Instead of rounding out the year with a cliche gift guide, I decided to do something different and write about how men chose to dress in 2015. Unlike years past, where menswear was still relatively small; it is becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint and define menswear as one specific trend. Here are some […]

Idle Hand Supply Co
14 Dec 2015

I don’t know when it happened, but gradually over the past few years, I’ve adopted some sort of headwear apart from my daily uniform. Depending on the weather, I normally flip flop between a black snapback or a beanie. When you shave your head, it’s nice to have headwear options, and sometimes wearing the same […]

Why You Need to Be Shopping at Grailed
30 Nov 2015

Getting beat by bots on the Supreme online store for the Supreme North Face Collaboration? Ever wanted to get your hands on some Common Projects sneakers but aren’t willing to fork over the few hundred dollar price tag? Quick instant sellouts and high price points are two things many of us face when you follow […]

Kanye & Menswear in 2015 Pt. 2
16 Nov 2015

About 10 months ago, after the debut of the highly anticipated YEEZY Season 1 NYFW fashion show, I wrote an article on Kanye West’s foray into menswear and why his opinions and designs matter in fashion. After the release of 3 different types of Adidas sneakers, along with the debut collection of YEEZY Season 1 […]

Topcoats & Why They Are A Worthy Investment This Fall/Winter
15 Oct 2015

Most menswear enthusiasts seem to lean towards fall as being their favourite season of the year . It’s the season where you’ll be able to wear more than a t-shirt and not get called out for being a bougy d-bag if you have on a blazer or sportcoat. There are generally more accessories and options […]

Why the Timberland Six Inch Is a Fall/Winter Staple
5 Oct 2015

Since we’re officially in let’s go buy some Fall/Winter gear mode, I attempted to put together a list of fall/winter boots that I thought were worthy of an investment. Unfortunately, halfway through the list I just decided to scrap it. Why? When it comes to boots, the Timberland Six Inch has become so integrated into […]