Versatile Fall Accessoires
16 Sep 2015

Fall fashion is incoming, and as always some of the most interesting aspects of new seasonal collections fit squarely into the accessory category. Where clothing is concerned, trends come and go but there’s usually an amount of continuity and repetition from year to year. With accessories, however, a new season often brings about intriguing ideas […]

Fall/Winter Essentials : Modern Hoodies
17 Nov 2014

Hoodies have felt like they have always been around forever. With more relaxed dress codes in the corporate environments and the rise in “basics” in menswear, the hoodie which was once reserved for weekend brunch and coffee runs are now being worn out to dinner and bars on saturday nights.  This fall, there are fresh […]

Four Foundation Menswear Items to Pick up for Fall
2 Sep 2014

Menswear these days gets a bad reputation of being over complicated and intimidating for men. Yes, there are certain “rules” and dos and don’ts, but for the most part, the current movement of men’s fashion has shifted towards personal style and wearing what are comfortable with rather than follow strict guidelines. Even with menswear opening […]

Fall/Winter Essentials:The Duffle Coat
11 Nov 2013

During the fall/winter seasons, the majority of men seem to gravitate to the same outerwear pieces.  We’ve all seen the dark navy and black pea coats, the big parkas when the weather drops to sub zero temperatures, and the men who feel like they can fight through winter with fall jackets.  Now, don’t get me […]

East Dane : Leather Jackets
28 Oct 2013

There are not many things better than wearing a leather jacket on a crisp fall day. Leather jackets are the perfect fall outerwear because of its’ versatility. They can be dressed up or down with ease, and can be worn in a wide variety of scenarios without looking out of place. I’ve partnered up with […]

Fall Essentials : M1 Bomber Jacket
26 Sep 2013

History of the M1 Bomber Jacket    The M1 Bomber Jacket is the perfect jacket for the early fall.  It’s the perfect option with the weather being in-between cold and hot. Like many other menswear silhouettes, the M1 Bomber has a military influence. With the invention of aircrafts that were able to fly at higher […]