The Hoodie is the New Suit Jacket
29 Aug 2016

It’s been talked about almost till death for the past two to three years; Even I’m tired of saying how menswear is now dominated by casual, sportswear and athleisure as opposed to the more traditional offerings such as suits, ties and hard bottom shoes. Menswear has never been more casual. Every time you think tailoring […]

The Fanny Pack Over the Shoulder
8 Aug 2016

These days, anything with any bit of 90’s nostalgia seems to be making it’s way back to the forefront of fashion trends. Now it’s the fanny packs turn to return from the dead and be brought back into the conversation of stylish accessories. It’s 2016, and I think it’s definitely time to get over yourself […]

What Traveling Taught me About Style
6 Jul 2016

I was always the guy who chose to buy the new pair of sneakers or the latest and greatest over anything else. I could always justify clothing,shoes and acessories, and could always talk myself out of going to events, trips and general life experiences that required heavy sums of cash. Maybe I grew a brain, […]

What Cleaning Out My Closet Taught Me About Style
24 Mar 2016

There are very few things I invest in other than clothes. It’s the one thing I can always justify to buy, even when those purchases make completely no sense. Over the years of being a pretty hardcore fashion enthusiasts, you tend to collect, stock, and sometimes hoard clothing. It add’s up! Everyone has their own […]

Dressing Your Age When You Still Love Streetwear
7 Mar 2016

Conventional wisdom will always tell you that you should dress your age. At my age, you’re supposed to embrace sport coats, blazers, and loafers. Self expression is done through accessories such as lapel pins and socks when you wear a suit to work on the weekdays, while polos and chinos are supposed to be worn on […]

Effortless Style is the New Style of 2016
17 Feb 2016

Over the past year, flexing or peacocking has reached critical mass. You no longer need to fly to Florence and attend Pitti to see men try and out duel each other’s alphets. It’s all within taps on your smartphone. In 2015, it was the norm to stunt as hard as you can with your new […]