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Spring/Summer Essentials: Floral Prints
6 Jun 2013

Over the past few seasons, prints and patterned shirts have made a strong comeback in menswear and fashion. One print that has transitioned from season to season, while still maintaining popularity and relevancy has been the floral print. I think it’s been well documented on Speaking of Style that I’m a pretty big fan of […]

Winter Essentials : Layering Part 2
24 Jan 2013

Winter is no joke where I live. Currently, the weather in Toronto has reached sub zero temperatures (feels like minus 19 with wind-chill). Living in a city where old man winter is so bitter and spiteful, I’ve gotten more than enough opportunities to experiment with layering. Here are some of suggestions: I always like to […]

Dressing for winter in Hong Kong
10 Jan 2013

Over this past Christmas, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Hong Kong. There is no other city in the world like Hong Kong; the city never sleeps, always vibrant and has the perfect blend of east and west cultures. Dressing for Hong Kong can be tricky in the winter time. The city hovers […]

Fall Essentials: Varsity Jacket
23 Oct 2012

With fall in full effect, jacket weather is upon us. One jacket I have been wearing throughout the past few fall seasons is the varsity jacket. A varsity jacket can be defined as a short jacket that sits right below the waist. Traditionally, the jacket was originally worn by students in athletic college programs to […]

11 Oct 2012

One of our favourite collections from the GQXGAP collaborations comes from the up and coming designer Ian Velardi. His collection focuses on American classics with a contemporary and modern twist.  Velardi focuses on essentials; his mission is to design pieces that have the ability to be worn on multiple occasions. He wants his collection to […]

Fall Essentials: Floral Patterns
9 Oct 2012

Floral patterns are not just for the warm sun and summer months. This fall, many designers have decided to carry the bright and colourful print over to the colder months. We are now seeing floral in the form of shirts, scarves, and even pants for men. Menswear for the past few years has been heavily […]