Looking chic on a budget Ft. Stephanie Koch
30 Apr 2013

One of the best things about blogging is the opportunity to meet like minded individuals who share the same passions as you do. Stephanie Koch of Inherited Jeans is a style blogger who also believes in the same philosophies in fashion and style as I do  , where personal style can be achieved without expensive […]

Jamal Jackson Talks Fashion & Style
21 Feb 2013

The popularity of menswear continues to build momentum. Men continue to step up and share their own unique perspective on menswear through various channels. Whether it’s an editorial from GQ or a repost of a popular street style photo on tumblr, men are paying attention to fashion. Jamal Jackson is a menswear enthusiast who is […]

Deborah Henning Talks Fashion & Style
17 Jan 2013

Here at Speaking of Style, we are always seeking to meet up and feature unique individuals in the Fashion industry.  On a recent trip to New York, I got a chance to meet Deborah Henning, an up and coming  designer. We were lucky enough to receive an interview with Deborah. In the interview, she touches […]

Interview: Kristen Lam Talks Fashion and Personal Style
15 Jun 2012

Before starting Speaking of Style, I must admit my knowledge of women’s fashion was fairly modest. Most of my knowledge up until that point had come from either ads in magazines or through the high-end brands on display in department stores. This, of course, gave me a very narrow understanding of fashion from a females […]

Style Icon: Neelesh Mistry – Part 2
20 Mar 2012

Here is part 2 of our interview with Neelesh In this section Neelesh touches on topics Toronto Style , men’s essentials  and his favorite blogs , enjoy! Who do you think are the few people who are influencing Toronto style? I think it varies obviously from person to person depending on the style that people […]

Style Icon : Neelesh Mistry
8 Mar 2012

Arun and I had a chance to sit down with Neelesh Mistry an up and coming fashion stylist based out of Toronto Canada.  Neelesh shared his insights on men’s style and the Toronto fashion landscape. Due to the interview length we will posting the interview in two parts. Tell us a little bit about yourself […]