Sneakers To Purchase in 2016
1 Feb 2016

I was a fan of sneakers before the craze hit the menswear market, and now that sneakers have saturated the men’s footwear market to the point where the men who use to hate on sneakers, have ditched wingtips and brogues for Stan Smith’s and Air Force One’s. To the untrained eye, it is easy to […]

The Democratization of  Streetwear
11 Mar 2015

Streetwear has always been the masters of supply and demand. The trick of any successful launch of a popular sneaker or collection has always been to keep the supply low and drum up the buzz with social media and the internet.  With the democratization of fashion and the increasing accessibility of brands, designs and silhouettes […]

Kanye & Menswear in 2015
26 Feb 2015

Kanye has never been shy with his opinions and his love of fashion; even in 2003, with his debut album, College Dropout, he distinctly told everyone he wanted to be considered the best dressed rapper alive. With his collaboration with Adidas debuting this week at New York Fashion Week, every piece of new information of […]

Best Menswear Purchases of 2014
10 Dec 2014

2014 was another year of growth for menswear , more and more brands are showcasing unique, apparel, shoes, and accessories , and there seems to be more men that are finally taking the initiative and taking charge of how they dress. Since were coming to the end of the year I decided to break down […]

Fall/Winter Essentials : White Sneakers
6 Nov 2014

Why White Sneakers Work For Fall The sneaker is one shoe silhouette that seems to be dominating menswear at the moment. No matter where you turn in the world of menswear, the sneaker seems to be the main shoes for runways, photoshoots, lookbooks, and on the feet on everyday men. This fall, the sneaker obsession […]

Fall/Winter Essentials : Athletic Apparel
20 Oct 2014

It’s finally time to say goodbye to summer. Sorry guys, you could have gotten away with t-shirts and shorts in September, but it’s not going to cut it in October. With the fall season officially upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to touch upon some of this seasons trends that I […]