Dressing Your Age When You Still Love Streetwear
7 Mar 2016

Conventional wisdom will always tell you that you should dress your age. At my age, you’re supposed to embrace sport coats, blazers, and loafers. Self expression is done through accessories such as lapel pins and socks when you wear a suit to work on the weekdays, while polos and chinos are supposed to be worn on […]

Puma Stampd Athletics
3 Mar 2016

For those of you who frequent the site often, know my love for sportswear and streetwear. My wardrobe is essentially just a bunch of sportswear basics, with some streetwear sprinkled on top. If you know streetwear, Chris Stamp’s Stampd is a name that has been dominating menswear headlines for the past two years.  The brand’s minimalist […]

Effortless Style is the New Style of 2016
17 Feb 2016

Over the past year, flexing or peacocking has reached critical mass. You no longer need to fly to Florence and attend Pitti to see men try and out duel each other’s alphets. It’s all within taps on your smartphone. In 2015, it was the norm to stunt as hard as you can with your new […]

Breaking Down Street Style Photos Via Fall/Winter 2016 Show’s
4 Feb 2016

If you’re following menswear over the internet, this is the best time of the year. Fashion shows such as London Collections Men, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Uomo are all stacked together within a three week time frame. If you are like me, stuck in minus fifteen degree weather and unable to […]

Sneakers To Purchase in 2016
1 Feb 2016

I was a fan of sneakers before the craze hit the menswear market, and now that sneakers have saturated the men’s footwear market to the point where the men who use to hate on sneakers, have ditched wingtips and brogues for Stan Smith’s and Air Force One’s. To the untrained eye, it is easy to […]

Shirt Jackets & Why You Need One
21 Jan 2016

When you’re fully immersed in menswear, following, reading and trying on the latest trends, it’s pretty easy to overlook the fact that most men, don’t know the words such as Alphets, Fire Jawnz, and Fuccbois. Men, for the most part, like what they like, and tend to stick to what works for them. The half […]