Weekend Summer Essentials

Weekend Summer Essentials
18 July 2013

When the temperature rises to uncomfortable and sweaty levels, it’s hard for any of us to be thinking of “looking our best”. We all just want to take the easy route and throw on those flip flops and washed-out oversized t-shirt or tank top.

Dressing for those blazing hot days on the weekend does not mean you have to look like a college frat boy on their summer break. Here are a three of my weekend staples when the temperature creeps into uncomfortable, sweaty levels.

Casual Slip On

If there is one summer shoe you need for the summer, it’s the slip-on. Slip-ons were once considered solely for skateboarders until the fashion community caught on and realized its’ versatile and sleek silhouette. They can be dressed up or down and you won’t look out of place. My recommendation? Go for the classic vans. It’s a bargain at $45 a pair, and they come in a variety of colours at www.vans.com

Five Panel Hat

You can never go wrong with a hat in the summer. I’d go for a five panel hat this season. They are made to fit your head and most of them are made out of lighter, more breathable material unlike traditional baseball caps. I’d go for the Magma by Iris Japanese printed hat series from www.magmabyiris.com


We’ve all been there, when you’re wearing shorts and you’re running out of real estate in your pockets (it’s also never eye pleasing to be walking around in public with bulging pockets). My solution? Since I’m always carrying a couple of devices (camera, phone, etc), I just throw everything in my backpack. I got mine from www.herschelsupply.com .

Enjoy the heat wave ! It wont last long , and fall is creeping around the corner.

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