Track Jackets For Fall/Winter

Track Jackets For Fall/Winter
26 September 2016

Every season, I ask myself is this the season when fashion finally gets tired of the whole Athleisure thing and moves on to something else. And after every season, another sportswear silhouette is plucked to dress up and obsess over. They’ve already taken hoodies, sweatpants and sneakers, and this year, it’s the track jackets turn. Yes, the track jacket that you wore as track and field star or the ones you saw Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen wear before they took them off to dummy opponents. It’s not the first time the Tracksuit is getting some fashion shine. Run-DMC made them popular in the 80’s, was always popular in football culture and the 2000’s hip hop had a thing for them too. What makes this year’s obsession with track jackets different from the past is that high fashion decided to show some level to the athletic rooted jacket. Ever since brands such as Gucci and Burberry sent them down the runway, the jackets have caught fire. The 2016 iteration of the  jacket is the perfect layering piece for fall/winter. Here are some new ways to integrate it to your current wardrobe.

On Their Own



The inbetween weather we are having during the beginnings of fall is the perfect time to be wearing the track jacket on it’s own. If you got dollars to spend, I don’t think you can go wrong with Burberry’s retro track jacket. It’s simple and sleek, but still eye catching with the white contrasting zippers and sleeves. A more budget friendly version of of the  jacket is the Bold Stripe Track Jacket from Lacoste. The bold stripe across  gives more attention to your guns and chest. So if you wanna get swole without going to the gym, this is the track jacket for you.

Source: GQ

Trench Coat



You gotta give credit to high fashion for breathing new life into sportswear. When Burberry sent Asian celebrity, Kris Wu, down the runway in a navy track jacket layered over the iconic Burberry trench coat, it kick started the comeback of the jacket. The jacket that is fully zipped up to Wu’s neck makes the look. It just looks cool and the added bonus that the collar of the jacket can act as a neck warmer.

Source: Vogue 



Another easy way to layer the track jacket for fall/winter is with a top coat. The two low key pieces really work well together, as it kind of gives of this low key laid back vibe when paired. The key to layering the Track Jacket with outerwear is to make sure the collar of the jacket is zipped all the way again. When you flip the collar down on the track jacket and try to layer it under outerwear, the collar just looks out of place and bunches up.

Source: Hypebeast


Blazer or Shirt & Tie


Mixing tailoring with sportswear is a reflection of what men want in their clothing in 2016. We want our clothing to look good, but with comfort. A track jacket underneath a blazer is not for beginners, but it can be pulled off. You could go full zip again and wear it underneath a tailored blazer or sport coat. You could also wear the  jacket underneath a shirt and tie if you really want to extenuate the whole tailoring with sportswear combo.

Source: GQ UK

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