The Obsession with Jordans

The Obsession with Jordans
13 February 2013

If you already did not know, I have an obsession with sneakers; specifically Air Jordan. My obsession with Jordans started in elementary school. Growing up, they were the one line of sneakers that I could never afford. Fortunately, the Jordan brand recognized the popularity and cult-like following of past Air Jordans and every year, the company re-releases a handful of selected models from years past.

For those of you who don’t know, the Jordan brand only releases a limited amount per re-release, so getting a popular pair is like winning the lottery for a sneakerhead. Sadly, it’s gotten to the point where people have been murdered and been trampled over just for a pair of shoes! Luckily, I’ve been able to collect some of my favourite Air Jordans through re-releases and don’t plan on stopping until I collect all of my favourites (Any Air Jordan 3-8 in original color ways).

I’ve met, and read about numerous former sneakerheads that have claimed to cut their ties with Jordans (or sneakers in general) due to their age (getting old), or the fact that Jordans no longer suited their wardrobe or personal style. Unfortunately, most individuals still feel the need to “choose styles”; you can either be a sneakerhead and love street wear or be  suited up and dapper yourself in the finer things in menswear.

With the emergence of menswear over the past few years,  street wear and high fashion have merged to a point where it’s perfectly fine to try different styles, mix and match, and combine things that were once deemed taboo. There are without a doubt certain fundamental “rules” in menswear; however, when it comes to finding your personal style, these rules should not matter as much, or matter at all.

I’m not here to tell you to start matching Jordans with your three piece suit (it is possible though). What I’m trying to preach is don’t let fashion dictate your personal style. You can still wear your Jordans if you’re past your teens. Just be creative and confident in wearing them. Jordans to me look the best when they are paired with unconventional pieces such as a leather motorcycle jacket, a logo-less varsity jacket, a pair of tapered jeans and the list goes on.

A large part of my fascination with Jordans is due to the fact that the shoes were my first introduction to fashion. The shoes will always be a staple in my wardrobe as I continue my obsession to collect all my favourite pairs.

6 Responses to The Obsession with Jordans

  1. mirandamu says:

    i love it! great piece dude.

  2. Kenny .Y says:

    I just got the 5 too..,love it so much

  3. Bree says:

    I totally think these are a chic, and comfortable, addition to any guy’s wardrobe. My boyfriend would love them cause he is all about the comfort – definitely a guy’s guy, and I’d love them cause they can look super chic!
    You, as always, look super chic!

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