Spring Essentials : Denim Jacket

Spring Essentials : Denim Jacket
28 May 2013

The denim jacket, we all know what they look like, they’ve been around for years, and everyone from the most stylish celebrity to our mom and dad’s has probably owned one. Denim jackets have become quite the staple in men’s wardrobe, however, I was never fully sold. This past spring, I finally decided to give the denim jacket a shot , after wearing the jacket since the beginning of the spring season , I finally understood why the iconic jacket has the staying power it does.

The beauty of the denim jacket is in its versatility. It can be paired with a hoodie, a dress shirt (tucked or undocked), a polo shirt, a tank top; literally any top does not look out of place when layered with a denim jacket. The jacket also goes with almost any kind of pants, jeans and make it a Canadian tuxedo, cargos, camo, pattern pants, chinos etc. The jacket is also versatile in having the ability to be worn by men of all styles. Whether you’re a dude that lines up for the latest drop of Jordan’s, or are a double monk wearing #menswear enthusiast, the jacket can adapt to your style, it’s that versatile.

It’s all about the fit about with the denim jacket, no matter what look you’re going for; make sure the length of the jacket is right at or slightly above your waist. It should be true to size, or slightly slim, never oversized or baggy. If the denim jacket you put on feels a bit too slim and trim, then it’s probably the right size for you.

Like a pair of jeans, denim jackets come in an assortment of different washes. The denim in the jacket can be light, dark, washed, raw, faded, etc. For me, I went with a clean dark wash. Whether you’re paring the jacket with a shirt and tie, or go causal route with a t-shirt and canvas sneakers, a darker wash denim jacket never looks out of place.

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