Mixing Prints & Patterns

Mixing Prints & Patterns
22 August 2013

With the growth of menswear, we are now seeing an influx of pattern mixing. Men are now mixing and matching different prints to help better define and refine their personal style. Depending on who you ask, or what fashion site, blog, or magazine you read, you’re always going to get a different answer on how to mix and match prints. Some may tell you which patterns can go well together, which one’s don’t mix, or to stay clear and not even mix at all.  

The menswear scene has always been full of taboo rules of style. One of the more traditional rules many men follow, and vow never to break, is that of mixing prints. It can be done, but you must follow a certain menswear code.

Unfortunately, the men behind the #menswear movement are hypocrites. We have all these sartorial rules in place, however, the men who are setting these rules and standards are the ones that are breaking the very same rules themselves. We’ve all seen the numerous street style pictures on tumblr where men in the industry are breaking all “style” rules.

Mixing prints comes down to two things, having a trained eye (the more you mix, the better you’ll become at it) and confidence. It’s really that simple.

Prints have made such a comeback in the menswear scene that it’s inevitable that the majority of us will have multiple prints in our wardrobes. Off the top of my head, I already know there is an abundance of camo, floral and stripes in my closet.

As an advocate of personal style, I’m here to tell you to go ahead, and don’t be afraid to mix prints, there are no rules, the only ones that exist are the ones that you define yourself.


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