Menswear New Year’s Resolutions For 2017

Menswear New Year’s Resolutions For 2017
18 January 2017

Menswear in 2016 was a mixed bag; sneaker and sportswear still remain popular as ever. High fashion brands such as Gucci and Vetements were highly coveted. And menswear still continue to loosen up from the ultra slim fit era of the past few years. With the start of the New Year, here is a rundown of menswear resolutions that I would like to see happen to elevate menswear to a higher and better place.

The End of Sneaker Bots

high snob sneaker bots

The popularity of sneakers keeps on reaching higher and higher peaks. Sneakers are the rare exception in menswear where you don’t have to be a hardcore menswear nerd to covet and want a popular pair. In 2016, it was almost impossible to score a pair of Air Jordans, Adidas Ultra Boosts and of course Yeezy Boosts. Sneaker bots have come to dominate popular sneaker drops making sure the vast majority of us need to pay three or five times the retail price for them. The big billion dollar brands such as Nike, Adidas, and other retailers who carry these sneakers have begun to fight back on bots by either holding raffles or by using apps to battle bots. However, the majority of us are still taking L’s. Enough with trying to create hype by owning limited pairs on release days because sneaker bots are ruining it for everyone. The only way to combat this issue is for the big brands to manufacture and release more of the coveted pairs.

Photo: Highsnobiety

Embracing Second Hand Clothing

second hand clothing - high snob

Anyone that follows menswear know that this shit ain’t cheap. When you cop a few things here and there, it add’s up. While there are resellers out there trying to hawk things well over the retail price, there are also menswear enthusiasts out there just trying to sell their previous prized possessions for affordable prices. The second hand menswear community is thriving. Sites such as Grailed are leading the charge by creating a community for fans to purchase expensive as hell high fashion brands at affordable prices. If you want to save a bit of cash while still getting your hands on high priced gear, embrace the secondary market.

Photo: Grailed 

Finding a Aesthetic and Aticking With It


I’m all for trying new things and exploring the wide range of brands out there, but I think there is a lot of value in honing in on an aesthetic and owning it when it comes to menswear in 2017. There is more choice than ever in men’s fashion. Everything from looking like a road man to a goth ninja, to being fully suited and booted is acceptable and in play. Trying to dabble in a little bit of everything is not only going to cost you, but you won’t have a fully flushed out wardrobe. There ain’t nothing wrong with sticking with what works and in 2017 here’s to more men doing just that.

Photo: Hypebeast

If You Miss a Drop Don’t Sweat It

Supreme-Fall-2015-Drop-Street-Style-04 (1)

We’ve all been there. When a highly coveted collection is about to drop, you either line up at a retailer or impatiently hit the refresh button on your laptop for it to finally drop. The collection gets released and it’s sold out in minutes. You then, for the next twenty minutes, convince yourself that you need these pieces in your life and search furiously for resellers. Unfortunately in the menswear landscape in 2017, you’re never going to be able to get your hands on every trending piece (for retail). Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you miss out this time, better luck next time. No big deal.

Photo: Highsnobiety

Less Hype


I think we all have a little bit of fucboi in all of us, but 2016 revealed that there were too many of us that simply bought things because of the hype rather than buying because we actually liked it. Whether we purchase it to make a quick buck or to flaunt it on instagram, it always ends up being shelved in our closets, never to be worn again. Maybe we need to go back to the basics; to buy clothing and shoes so we actually wear them consistently.  

Photo: Sneaker Bar Detroit 

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