Jamal Jackson Talks Fashion & Style

Jamal Jackson Talks Fashion & Style
21 February 2013

The popularity of menswear continues to build momentum. Men continue to step up and share their own unique perspective on menswear through various channels. Whether it’s an editorial from GQ or a repost of a popular street style photo on tumblr, men are paying attention to fashion.

Jamal Jackson is a menswear enthusiast who is riding the menswear movement by discovering and carving out his own unique niche within the industry. Jamal utilizes instagram, the picture sharing application, to share his menswear story. To take his movement to the next level, he is in the middle of setting up his own instagram based blog to create a truly unique experience.

I had the fortunate opportunity to interview Jamal and ask some questions regarding his upcoming project and his take on fashion and style.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Jamal, half of my life is menswear, and the other half is everything else creative. In other words, I can’t imagine life without art.

Could you explain briefly what the Style Society Guy blog is about and how it differs from the other male fashion blogs out now?

So Style Society Guy blog is something I have been thinking about, but I thought about my following which is mostly Instagram users. How could I create a blog site, when I hardly check out blogs? #SSGBLOG takes place of a blog site and allows followers to see everything even faster and its “real time “as opposed to having people visit a domain; after all it is “Insta”gram. Hashtags also allows for new followers/viewers who are interested in blogs, fashion and menswear to view everything I post without going to an actual site.

Could you explain the inspiration behind the style society guy?

I used to have a blog a couple of years ago “Gentlemen’s Style society”, but I dreaded going back to update it because I was never surfing safari (web browsing), I’m more like an”everything should be in one spot and I will look” type of guy. That’s my reasoning for having this blogs prime location on Instagram. When I got into social media a bit more I changed my name from Gentlemen’s style society, to Style society guy, because it was only me.

What made you want to start a men’s fashion blog?

Although the fashion industry seems so big, it’s pretty small. People with “real” style and originality, even smaller than that, I think men’s fashion is on the rise like crazy! And men are really getting excited about that. I thought to myself this is a good time to document all this, teach, learn and share ideas.

What can your readers expect from the style society guy blog?

Events, my thoughts, random NYC photos, and a little double OTD.

How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Got involved in this crazy industry from previous internships, and going to a ton of networking events in the city. I remember being 19 years old in the city sneaking into bars, not to drink but to be at networking events trying to get as much info out of these 30 year old professionals.

What made you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

My pops was very strict about grooming and appearance growing up, that crossed into my passion for style, quality and of course grooming

Stylistically how would you describe yourself?

I still can’t answer this, you take a stab at it Matt  haha

What is more important, following the latest trends or trying to develop your unique personal style?

Please develop your own style. That’s what people will remember you for. Not being trendy , fashionable or even up to date is NOT a bad thing.

Do you have any style advice for our readers?

Clip on ties should be a sin :(

What is one item every male needs in their closet?

Every guy should have some type of driving shoe/loafer it goes with anything.

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

People that feel they have to over dress to impress people. If fashion isn’t your thing, it’s all good! Just be who you are! Secondly, the fact that everyone wants to be Kanye west, style attitude and everything. There is only one Kanye west. My last pet peeve would be Toms. I’m sorry more than half of my friends own them and I know they may be comfortable, but they look like bandage wrap, wrapped around your feet with no sole on the bottom. Still better than crocs, but hey!

If you would like more information on Jamal please follow @style_society_guy on insatgram, or visit http://instagram.com/style_society_guy/.

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