Investment Brands and Why They Are Worth It

Investment Brands and Why They Are Worth It
26 January 2017

Investments Brands

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I was watching the GQ facebook chat a few weeks ago (a worthy weekly facebook video chat for all you menswear nerds out there), and GQ’s own style guy Mark Anthony Green brought up the topic of investment brands. The term struck a chord with me. I was always the one to find the more affordable alternatives, so I could continue to buy more. Thanks to the hyper speeds of fast fashion, the constant need to always keep up in sneaker culture, and the perpetual need for more, shopping for clothing felt more like hoarding.  There is value in investing in a brand that is pricier that you will value and cherish. Investment brands to me are brands that are hella expensive, but well worth the extra dollars. They are high quality, well made, and something that can withstand a few seasons of solid wearing.

John Elliott

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It’s hard to define what investment brands are due to the fact that we all have different tastes and each of us have a different budget on how much we’re willing to spend on clothing. For me, it’s John Elliott. The brand has a focus on basics such as well constructed high quality t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies and jeans. I have always been a fan of the brand from humble beginnings to being named to GQ’s Best New Designers in America to killing it it on the runway in New York Fashion Week. As much as I rooted for John Elliott through heart-ing their pictures on social media, and writing about the brand whenever I could, the steep price tag always held me back from owning their collection.

Hoodies Are  The New Suit Jacket


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I’m with Abloh Virgil when he said the hoodie is the new suit jacket, or when Kanye claimed sweatshirts are fucking important. So this time, instead of trying to purchase something similar at a lower price point, I Invested in a John Elliott Kake Mock hoodie.

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Was it expensive? Hell yeah, but to me, it was worth every penny. Elliott’s brand is notorious for being extremely well made. He sources his fabrics from Japan and creates his hoodies from custom knit terry. The end result is a cozy as hell hoodie that is meant to be worn for years. Elliott’s brand also does a great job of nailing the details. The slightly oversized fit and ribbed stand collar can really be only appreciated once you try it on.

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To many this is just a plain black hoodie that can be easily had at a fraction of the price. But to me, it’s more than a just a sweatshirt. It’s a staple for me, which easily justifies the price tag. It’s the sweatshirt  I reach for almost daily, which is why Elliott’s hoodies are well worth the steeper price tags. We now have options in 2017. Almost every kind of shirt, jean, and shoe sihotulleute can be had at multiple price points. For pieces that are fundamental to your personal style and day to day wardrobe it’s worth doubling down and investing in the higher  quality goods.

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2 Responses to Investment Brands and Why They Are Worth It

  1. Andrew Nguyen says:

    Have you ever owned a Champion reverse weave hoodie? If you have, how do you compare this to the John Elliott hoodie?

    • Matthew says:

      Hey Andrew,

      Yes I do own a Champion Reverse Weave hoodie. To start I wear medium in both, but the main difference I would day is the Kake Mock hoodie is meant to be a little oversized. The Champion hoodie definitely has a more snug fit.

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