How to Wear : Air Jordan III Fire Red

How to Wear : Air Jordan III Fire Red
5 August 2013

With the highly anticipated Air Jordan III Fire Red’s is releasing this Saturday, I thought it would be best to give all the Jordan fiends some style inspiration on how they can wear their new Js. It’s always interesting to me to see how other sneaker heads style their kicks. I have a good eye at spotting Jordans whenever I’m roaming around the city, and sadly enough , I’m still seeing alot of men still wearing their fresh Jordan’s with baggy jeans or extra large camouflage shorts with oversized t-shirts.

I think it’s safe to assume it gets a little bit harder to wear Jordans as your wardrobe starts to mature (think properly fitting clothing, and suits). Even as sneaker heads get older, it’s still very possible to wear kicks and dress “appropriately” at the same time. Here are two summer inspired looks I came up with that won’t make you feel and look like a teenager who saved up months to purchase the latest Jordans.

Look # 1

For a summer inspired look, I paired the Fire Red’s with some properly fitting red chinos, a simple white V-neck t-shirt, a cotton grey cardigan, a Yankee fitted cap and a playful matte grey rubber watch. The slim red chinos give the Jordans a refreshing twist; the pants also match the red lining of the Jordans. It’s perfectly fine to coordinate what you’re wearing with your sneakers, but the key is not to overdo it.

Look # 2

Sneakers with dark denim jeans are almost everyone’s go to combo. However, it’s still summer,so wearing thick heavy raw denim isn’t the smartest idea if you want to stay cool. Instead, I flipped the denim up top and paired the Jordans with a denim jacket, the ever versatile white Vneck t-shirt, and olive chinos.


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