Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Status Symbols

Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Status Symbols
8 November 2016

There are certain pieces in menswear that just stand out and are more sought after than the rest. These are the status symbols of men’s fashion. Wearing these grails is the equivalent of stuntin and driving slowly in a brand new shiny new car with the music blaring. Since the rise of and popularity of menswear, the genre has always been defined by certain pieces. These covetable items come and go, but for a certain period in time, these items are some of the hottest commodities within the community; we’re talking about instant sellouts and sky high resale prices. Here is a breakdown of some of the most sought out menswear status symbols this fall/winter.

Common Projects Chelsea Boot


Five years ago, you could’ve had a pair of Chelsea boots and be considered completely swagless. Now they are the go to footwear option for many style conscious men. Like it or not, Kanye West’s co-sign of the Chelsea boots have catapulted the pair of boots into a new level of swaggy. When it comes to Chelsea’s, Common Projects iteration sits at the mountain top for many.  These are the boots that are wanted by many and owned by a few because they’re so damn expensive and quite limited.  The New York based brand one upped themselves this fall by introducing their iconic suede and leather boot with a crepe sole instead of a wooden bottom for extra comfort.

Stone Island Crewneck Sweatshirt


Fall is the time of the year to get your cozy boy on. When you want that cozy boy steez, but still want to flex, there is no better brand than Stone Island. A Stone Island sweatshirt might seem like just another basic piece, but it’s more than the compass patch on the bicep that separates the brand. The Italian based brand is held in high regard amongst the menswear industry. Known produce high end quality fabrics that are made into basics of the highest quality.

Blackmeans X John Elliott Riders Jacket


When Blackmeans and John Elliott, a Japanese and American brand who are both known for obsessing over quality, collaborate on a capsule collection of two leather jackets you know it’s going to be a home run. The recently released Riders and Stadium Jacket were sold out in seconds becoming an instant menswear classic. There is hope for you if you still want to get your hands on this elusive collaboration. Some of the jackets are floating around on Grailed. So act fast if you still want a dope as hell leather jacket for fall/winter.

John Elliott Kake Mock Hoodie


When it comes to hoodies, there is no one that does it better than John Elliott. The brand who started the whole side-zip hoodie movement with the Villain hoodie does it again with the Kake Mock. Unlike the Villain hoodie which features a very slim fitting silhouette, and those infamous side zippers, the Kake Mock goes in the opposite direction. Things are getting loose again in menswear, and the Kake Mock appeals in that direction with rib standing collar that is a loose and oversized fit.

Gosha Rubchinskiy Scarf


If you have been looking at men’s street style photos recently, you may have come across men accessorizing themselves with loud in your face scarves with bold russian lettering. Gosha Rubchinskiy, the Russian based designer has been making waves in menswear by merging post- Soviet and Russian youth culture together to create a bold, yet fresh new aesthetic. Everything the brand releases is an instant sell out, but the most affordable and most popular Gosha items are the scarves.

Illustrations by Mandy Lau. For more information please visit her webpage.

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