Developing Your Style Uniform

Developing Your Style Uniform
16 March 2017

When most of us think of style in 2017, it  images of athletes and artists who are either wearing the latest and greatest from the runway, limited edition sneakers, or really eye catching outfits. There is nothing wrong with having a attention grabbing and loud style, but what often goes under the radar , and unposted on blogs and social media is when men develop consistency within their style.Honing in on a style uniform isn’t for those looking to keep up with every minuscule menswear trends, but it is a foolproof way for routinely looking and feeling your sartorial best.


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A style uniform in is nothing to get excited about. You’re essentially wearing variations of the same outfit on a consistent basis.  Is it a little boring? Sure it is, but it also shows a high amount of confidence  that you know what works for you. And by sticking with it, you’re putting your best foot forward everyday. There is no rule or guideline in developing a matching combination of clothes that you enjoy wearing daily.The development of the uniform does not need to be forced, it just happens naturally.

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One day you’ll notice that you’re wearing the same pieces over and over again, and the set of clothing you’re wearing just kind of blossoms into a full fledge uniform,  Yes, it sounds simple but,  it takes some trial and error, but you will definitely know once you found yours.

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I was never a uniform guy. You could see from my earlier posts on Speaking of Style steered in the direction  of  every macro and micro menswear trend that was trending circa 2012-2014 (yes, that is a cheap plug).After a extended break from trend chasing,  I just naturally settled into my uniform. The combination of black jeans, and  a white tee, have now become the foundation of my wardrobe.

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Paring black jeans with a white tee is the most basic of combos but for me it’s the most effective due to its’, unassuming, simple and clean aesthetic.  I also use the uniform  as a building block, Whether it’s own, with a hat, layered underneath a hoodie, moto jacket, during winter, spring, summer or fall, the black jean and white t-shirt have been and an indispensable part of my style and wardrobe.

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4 Responses to Developing Your Style Uniform

  1. Andrew Nguyen says:

    Digging the Chandon tee!

  2. dave lee says:

    i have issues with pants lengths. how long should the pants be without shoes if i am not going for the cuff look for jeans and chinos

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