Breaking Down New York Fashion Week Men’s Street Style

Breaking Down New York Fashion Week Men’s Street Style
22 July 2015

New York Fashion Week Men’s. Yes, a week dedicated to solely American designers showcasing Spring/Summer 2016 collections. For all of you menswear enthusiasts who could not attend (me included), I’m sure you have been following along on the internet and various social media channels. Street style, more specifically New York street style, is always something I look forward to. The mecca of menswear in North America seem to just hit all the right style notes. Men’s generally wear what they like in New York and portray their personal style in a honest fashion, regardless if there is a camera in front of them or not. Here is a breakdown of some of my favourite street style pictures out of NYFWM.

Jump Suits


Photo Credit:


For those who don’t follow menswear, the idea of wearing a jumpsuit might only be reserved for Halloween when you’re channeling your inner Tom Cruise from Top Gun. For those who do follow the menswear scene, they know jumpsuits are inspired from military air forces have slowly been brewing as a new men’s silhouette. The idea of wearing a one piece might be completely foreign and down right no-no, but just give it a bit more time, and I think we’ll be seeing more of these in the public in the future.

Bold Prints


Photo Credit: Four Pins


Not everyone can pull off prints, and even fewer men can pull off extra bold colourful prints. Fellow menswear bloggers Sabir from Men’s Style Pro, and Jamal from Style Society Guy, both pull off colourful eye popping prints effortlessly. Sabir wearing a floral tunic and Jamal in a eye-popping suit jacket, with the shorts to match. What is the key to pulling off bold prints? Just confidence, and a I don’t give a fuck attitude.

Graphic T-Shirts


Photo Credit: Highsnobiety


It was not that long ago where wearing a big logo across your chest was seen as an indicator that deducted you style points, but in 2015 wearing a big logo across your chest carries meaning. Summarized by the recently published Business of Fashion article, a t-shirt with a logo is an easy way to communicate your allegiances to a certain lifestyle. Put on a Supreme t-shirt,  and you instantly have an identity and a subculture that you feel a part of.

Boxy Cuts


Photo Credit: Four Pins


Sometimes what you see on the runway takes time to slowly creep into the day to day style men. The return of boxy and looser cuts have been seen on the runway for the past two-three seasons, but now were beginning to see men try and embrace them on the streets.

Summer Outerwear


Photo Credit:


The idea of wearing a really thin outer layer which is light and airy might seem foreign to a lot of men, but I think it’s only a matter of time until it becomes adopted by the masses. No, we’re not talking about a thick coat that is going to drag and weigh you down during the middle of summer; more of a airy, thin, lightweight layer that adds a level of sophistication to your summer time outfit.

All White Outfit


Photo Credit: Highsnobiety


Sometimes during the dead heat of summer, it’s best to keep it simple, a plain white t-shirt and a pair of white jeans with the hems cut off for that fray look, and some classic vans sneakers is all you need.

Elongated Shirts


Photo Credit: Four Pins


A common theme among many street style photos are how many men are embracing a longer silhouette with elongated shirts. Men at New York Fashion Week have been wearing them on their own, or as a layering piece underneath some some sort of summertime outerwear.

Frayed Denim


Photo Credit: Four Pins


Taking your an old pair of jeans or jean shorts and hacking off the hem with a pair of scissors seems to be the new way menswear enthusiasts are wearing their denim. It’s a quick DIY fix that you can easily do yourself that will separate you from the jean rollers and cuffers.

Summer Suiting


Photo Credit: Four Pins


Scrolling through the various street style photos from Four Pins, Highsnobiety, and, more than a few pictures showed how men were dressing down their suits with a basics white t-shirt underneath. Layering a white tee underneath your suit means you’re still looking clean without the stuffiness and heat from wearing a dress shirt in July.

Band Collars


Photo Credit: Highsnobiety


Without a doubt the most common article of clothing that was captured through the lenses of many street style photographers during NYFWM has to be band collars. The collarless dress shirts were the go to shirts for many men who were in attendance at this year’s show. Straddling the line between casual and dressed up, you saw the versatility of the shirts as men dressed them up in suits or dressed them down with snapback hats and sneakers.

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