2016 Menswear Style Archetypes

2016 Menswear Style Archetypes
30 November 2016

A lot has changed since the rise and popularity of menswear. Back in the #menswear era, you were only seen as a legit enthusiast if you had specific items. A pair of Mark Mcnairy double monk dress shoes got you a head nod of approval from a fellow enthusiasts. A made in Italy  sport coat that had extremely soft shoulders most likely got you a fist bump at some bougy men’s fashion party. We now live in the choose-your-own-style lane in menswear. Where there is no one dominant look, but rather a host of styles that have taken over the fashion landscape.

Even with the freedom of sartorial expression, there are still a few dominant style archetypes that men seem to strive towards. So in a jokingly fashion, here is a breakdown of some of the most popular menswear archetypes in 2016.

The Hypebeast


The rise of streetwear and it’s integration in high fashion has given rise to an even stronger Hypebeast in 2016.  Not to be mistaken for the popular website, a Hypebeast is someone who lives and dies by trends. A individual who is head to toe in the most fire apparel regardless if they actually like it or not. Whether it’s the latest Supreme drop, the Yeezy’s sneakers, the most relevant dad hat, the Hypebeast has it all and typically wears them all together. He’s the dude on your Instagram feed where if something is released that day, he already grammed it and thanking his “connect” before everyone else has a chance to purchase it.

The Cozy Boy


The goal of the Cozy Boy is to be as comfortable as fuck. You seem him around or you probably even know one. He’s the guy who’s constantly dressed in sweatpants and hoodies. The Cozy Boy cares about details that you most likely overlook. A hoodie is not just a hoodie to him. French terry cotton and premium cuffs used matter a shit load to him. The only time he’s not looking cozy is most likely at a wedding or a funeral where he doesn’t have a choice but to suit up. Don’t get it twisted that The Cozy Boy is some sort of slob just because he’s in sweats all day; his gear his always tailored and fitted. He’s not limited to just sweats; the Boy also has an affinity for scarves and robes, or whatever looks comfortable.

The High Fashion Enthusiast  


The High Fashion Enthusiasts is the guy who is decked out in the most expensive designer clothes. There is no collection that is too expensive for him. Whether it’s oversized Vettements hoodies, YSL souvenir jackets, OFF-White flannels, or Gucci snake embroidered jeans, this guy has it all. The High Fashion Enthusiast only wears high fashion. He can’t even be bothered with the annual H&M designer collaboration, because it’s not exclusive enough. The only time he’s not in designer wear is when he needs to wear something that he feels is beneath him for a sponsored instagram post. If you ask him if he got that jacket from Zara, he would simply scoff at you and give you the precise details on where,when and how much that certain piece actually cost.

#Menswear 2.0


Since the end of the #menswear era, wearing suits has been on the decline.  There are a contingent number of men who are still wearing suits, but just a little differently. Instead of wearing the jacket and pants with the traditional shirt and tie, these guys are breathing life into a suit jacket by dressing it down. Minimalist Common Projects sneakers and white t-shirt are now worn with a suit. Sometimes, it’s just the trousers that are worn mixed with other casual menswear offerings. These are the guys who are taking are taking elements from sportswear and streetwear and incorporating them into tailoring. The suit jacket is the foundation piece of men’s fashion. While it might not be the most trendy, it will never die.

The Fully Suited Up Bro


Even though dress codes around global financial centers have already relaxed their dress codes, There is still a large group of men who love to accentuate their personal style within the parameters of formal menswear attire. The Fully Suited Bro is always in a perfectly fitted, almost a touch too tight, suit and has all the accessories and flare that rivals a decked out Christmas tree. Everything from lapel pins, colorful striped socks, eye popping spectacles, colour contrasting ties, and bold dress shirts are not off limits.

Illustrations by Mandy Lau. For more information please visit her webpage.

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