The Band Collar Shirt
1 Aug 2017

We all have our favourite items in our wardrobes. The one’s where we are like Mario when he finally gets that elusive super star. For that short period of time, we get a boost of confidence. Any self doubt we did have is squashed. Most men would view their superstars as a maximalist piece. A […]

The Case for Trousers and T-shirts In the Summer
13 Jul 2017

are now in the middle of summer, which means that we are at the apex of summer heat waves. As much as we would collectively like to wear shorts all summer long, they just don’t cut it when it comes to style. So when there is an occasion that calls for us to wear pants […]

Developing Your Style Uniform
16 Mar 2017

When most of us think of style in 2017, it  images of athletes and artists who are either wearing the latest and greatest from the runway, limited edition sneakers, or really eye catching outfits. There is nothing wrong with having a attention grabbing and loud style, but what often goes under the radar , and […]

Investment Brands and Why They Are Worth It
26 Jan 2017

Investments Brands I was watching the GQ facebook chat a few weeks ago (a worthy weekly facebook video chat for all you menswear nerds out there), and GQ’s own style guy Mark Anthony Green brought up the topic of investment brands. The term struck a chord with me. I was always the one to find […]

Menswear New Year’s Resolutions For 2017
18 Jan 2017

Menswear in 2016 was a mixed bag; sneaker and sportswear still remain popular as ever. High fashion brands such as Gucci and Vetements were highly coveted. And menswear still continue to loosen up from the ultra slim fit era of the past few years. With the start of the New Year, here is a rundown […]

2016 Menswear Style Archetypes
30 Nov 2016

A lot has changed since the rise and popularity of menswear. Back in the #menswear era, you were only seen as a legit enthusiast if you had specific items. A pair of Mark Mcnairy double monk dress shoes got you a head nod of approval from a fellow enthusiasts. A made in Italy  sport coat […]