The Anti Collaboration Sneaker

There have been rumblings about a Post Sneaker World. The idea that men’s fashion can exist without sneakers dominating the conversation is coming sooner than we expect. I personally am not ready for the post sneaker world. Instead, I’ve turned my dollars and eye to the anti collaboration sneaker.

I could praise these 993’s like any other sneaker YouTuber. I could write paragraphs about the buttery soft suede, superior comfort, and how these trainers “literally go with anything in your wardrobe”. These New Balances deserve all the praise. Yet the reason why I gravitated towards them has nothing to do with the quality and craftsmanship of the made in USA shoe.

We have already reached the sneaker collaboration apex. Yet brands are still pushing trainers that feel and look gaudy. There is bound to be a reaction to the oversaturation in the market. These heritage models represent the opposite of what is currently going on in sneaker culture. You can get a pair of 990 NB’s anytime. No raffle or lottery needs to be entered for you to cop. The sneakers are pricey, but a hell of a lot cheaper than anything hype related on Stock X. Instead of just saving your kicks for special occasions and fit pic photoshoots, these sneakers are meant to be worn to the ground. Wearing these 993’s is a public proclamation to the sneaker community that you still love sneakers. However, you’re unwilling to participate in the bait and switch game it has become.

Style in this age is merely defined by a social media post. The flex at all costs culture we are engulfed in has directly altered the way we view our clothing and footwear. We judge our purchases based on how it could positively affect our online image. You can’t blame the footwear conglomerates for the endless conveyor belt of mindless collaborations. The demand is there. We need flashy sneakers. Just for the wrong reasons. These New Balances are my reminder that style is a real tangible thing. It exists outside of an app. It takes time to cultivate. There are no shortcuts. You simply need to wear what you buy and wear it often. It just doesn’t appear after you hit the share button

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