The People’s Fleece

Fleece has gone big time for fall/winter 2019. 

I’ve written about it already, but just like black hoodies, you can never have enough. When news came out that Uniqlo and Engineered Garments was coming out with a collection of fleeces, I marked the drop date on my calendar. This collaboration felt special. They were inspired by the military and designed by the OG Daiki Suzuki. The assortment of pullovers, collarless coats, cardigans and jackets, all using a wide variety of Uniqlo fleeces.

Conventional wisdom in the style game has always been to resort to fast fashion as the last measure. When you can’t afford that Our Legacy, you opt for Uniqlo. You attempt to find something similar in color and silhouette. And then pray like hell that the online trolls can’t spot the differences when you post the fit pic online. 

With fleece, Something feels different. The conventional top-down approach of high fashion dictating the terms of what’s the most covetable on the streets does apply with this trend. We rely on the internet for many things. It now includes surveying social media to see if apparel is deemed worthy of a purchase or not (CLOUT BABY!). We all know Uniqlo produces clothing that wears exceptionally better than their price point. But affordability couldn’t explain the hype around these jackets. The outpouring of online chatter in the form of comments and memes helped generate hype, and drive this collaboration to an instant sellout. 

The fleeces sold out as quick as a Supreme drop. But this is Uniqlo. A brand that does not fuck around with supply and demand. They, for the most part, want you to get a hold of their clothing. They are a multi-billion dollar business. Not a small streetwear based out of LA. 

The internet loves to crown winners and losers with nothing in between. The now infamous patchwork jacket has now been crowned as the standout piece of the collaboration. The coat features various fleece fabrics mended together to create an out of body fleece experience. Somehow I beat the odds and was able to get my hands on one (FLEX!). 

We are dressing in an era where the crowdfunding of multiplet thumbs up or trash can emojis directly affect if something is seen as a cop or a drop. Social media’s influence can make or break a collection. It’s becoming increasingly unavoidable. 

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