Uniqlo U – The Fall/Winter Cheat Code


To put it simply, Uniqlo U has become the Fall/Winter cheat code. All you need is one glance at the Christophe Lemaire backed silhouettes to understand this is how you need to dress for fall/winter 2019.

The collection of tasteful elevated basics Is the most democratic clothing we currently have on the market today. Name another drop where a fashion-obsessed gearhead and a style lacking homeboys are now competing to get their hands on the same mock neck sweater?

The majority of the brands’ customers don’t have the words “fashion” in that fancy cursive font on their IG bio. They are for students who are on a budget. Moms and dads who just who have no fucking clue who RAF is. Utterly swag-less young professionals who, unfortunately, still love wearing their company-branded fleece jackets.

The highly wearable array of everyday modern staples just flow and weave into your wardrobe effortlessly. It can become the go-to piece you build a fit around. A building block to an Instagram worthy fit pic. Or simply, just a really nice elegant sweater if fashion with a capital F is not your vocabulary.

The clothes look unassuming from afar. It’s only when you wear it do you begin to realize the intricacies of their muted design. They have the details that would make a fashion Youtuber post a “Uniqlo U Haul” on their channel. Approachable enough for the Gym bros who just need a new going out shirt. Affordable for that college kid who just wants to get a fit off to impress his crush in class. Unassuming enough for Jeffery from PWC who still only wears all things gingham collared shirts with chinos to try something new.

We now shop in a world where people are reselling fried chicken sandwiches. So it comes as no surprise that if you log on to the brand’s online store the majority of the collection is now out of stock. Fortunately, there seems to be plenty left at select retailers. My local Uniqlo still had heat left. Plenty of outerwear, long-sleeve tees, pants, and accessories are still available. Do yourself a favor. Cop some Uniqlo U and wear it often. It is the ultimate short cut to

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