Vintage Vacation Shirts

Peak Vacation Shirt

It’s been building for some time. When we first saw the vacation shirt two years ago via street style, it felt like a trend that were only for Jonah Hill disciples. When they came back in 2018, more of us caught on that these shirts were the cooler cousin of the short sleeve button up. Now in its third summer of being in the spotlight, the shirt has become the de-facto summer shirt to wear. Being seen in one has become code that you understand that menswear is currently going through an I don’t give a fuck attitude.

When a trend is close to reaching its peak that normally translates to choice. Vacation shirts are just about everywhere at the moment. The brand that made them cool in the first place is still selling them. Streetwear brands have always played around with them. And you know fast fashion isn’t lagging behind with theirs. But if you’re looking for the most authentic and cost-friendly version of the vacation shirt, turn to vintage.

Shopping Vintage For A Trend

No matter what vintage store you head to. There will always have a section of Vacay shirts. These are the real deal. They are the ones that were worn by legitimate dads that were most likely vacationing in Hawaii for the first time. Other than the feel of second-hand clothing, the shirts look identical. The same bold prints of pineapples, cocktails, and palm trees are all there. The only difference with these originals is the sizing. Which you likely need a size down since a size they shirts in the ’70s and ’80s were cut larger.

Back when vintage was still a secret, you had to shell out big dollars in order to participate in a trend. Why put big dollars behind clothing that you’re still on the fence about? The shirts that I scoured throughout second-hand shops were all between fifteen to twenty-five dollars. Those prices are on par with fast fashion but the difference being quality. The bulk of the shirts I tried on had the now exclusive Made in U.S.A. tag. Meaning these shirts can put up a fight against father time. They won’t disintegrate into dust after a couple of washes.

The beauty of the secondary market now is it has made experimentation via your wardrobe affordable and even sustainable. Feeling a trend but still on the fence? The new move is to look to vintage first.

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