Remixed Sneakers

We Find Comfort in Retro Silhouettes

What does it tell you that the majority of us still prefer to wear sneaker silhouettes that were designed for the early 80s? The sneaker market has never been bigger, yet the most popular models are designs that were released from the 60s to 80s. Chuck Taylors, Van’s Old Skool, Stan Smith’s, Air Jordan 1’, and of course the Air Force 1 have all become staples on our feet. While we do flirt with newer age models, we always seem to come back to the design language of retro footwear.

These sportswear conglomerates understand our tastes. They know we are unwilling to wear the latest sneakers with all the technical advancements with jeans. They understand that when it comes to casual fashion we still like the classics on our feet. Not everyone is willing to purchase an endless stream of AF1’s, so the brands update our favourites. Pumping new life into what we know and love.

Remixed Sneakers – Feel New Enough To Cop?

Just like a lazy Puff Daddy remix sometimes these alterations can be minor. They can enlarge the swoosh on the shoe or replace the leather for a synthetic fabric. Other times, like an ambitious Diddy remix they can alter the sneaker to make it feel completely brand new by adding to the shoeswapping out the sole, or adding zippers and panels.

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Remixed sneakers have always been a hit or miss. When they hit, they go hard. When they don’t, they head for an early trip to the outlets. A remixed version done right needs to be different enough to justify it’s a higher price tag. But also can’t stray too far off where you get an endless stream of WHAT ARE THOSE?!

Remixed Uptowns

Enter the newly released Nike Air Force 1 Type, Submit White. The sneaker is apart of Nike’s newly released n354 line which focuses on the brands’ vast archive of prototypes. The mock-up models are now being used as a launchpad to create new sneakers using inspiration from the past.

The AF-1 Type Sumit white features a trendy textile upper on the side of the shoe. Then there are handwritten logos, seam tapes, visible stitches, velcro heel strap, contrasting colour stretch tongue, and oversized rubber toe. It still resembles the iconic sneaker but is different enough where causal sneakerheads will need to do a double-take.

We all love the white Nike Air Force 1 low top. It’s the quintessential summer shoe. But since sneaker culture has hit mass and pop culture appeal, seeing a corny dad or a basic mother in a pair of uptowns can mentally stain a shoe. These new-age remix versions of timeless classics were made for individuals who actually love sneakers. Since we’re the only ones who can truly appreciate the detail changes that differ from the original.

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