Ranking Drake’s 2019 NBA Playoff Outfits

Other than making the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history, a big reason for Toronto becoming a basketball city for the last month is due to The Boy; the franchises Global Ambassador. Using his influence, Drizzy has given the team a pop culture spotlight they never had. The rapper through his antics and trolling has entered himself into an NBA finals narrative from his courtside seats. Think about that.

Fashion and style has become such a pre game talking point in the association. Players have been using their entrances into arenas as makeshift runaways and turning those few seconds into branding and marketing opportunities. The only issue  in this year’s playoff is that we’re missing some of the league’s biggest menswear enthusiasts. No Lebron. An early exist for Westbrook. PJ Tucker and James Harden got bounced in the second round.

Someone has to pick up the slack, and the overzealous walking meme has us covered. Here is a breakdown of Drake’s postseason fits for the 2019 NBA playoffs.

OVO X Dsquared

If you paid attention to courtside Drake over the past few years, he has a habit of promoting on the sidelines before the collection releases. Before this collab was made available, it was modeled by the boy himself. This gaudi hoodie with in your face branding is the definition of overkill. It was unavoidable even when you were watching on TV since the camera pans on to the rapper numerous times per game. The collection and hoodie itself is blah, but it joins the long list of collaborations that feel like a quick money grab.

Rank: 3 out of 10 chunes for your headtop

Raptor Air Jordan IV

The one outfit theme for this post season for Drake is his love Air Force Ones. Every one of his outfits have been styled with the iconic retro basketball sneaker. However, when you are a millionaire rapper with a Jordan shoe deal, you gotta support the higher ups who are signing your checks. The Air Jordan IV was a shoe that was supposed to drop last year. Then things got weird between him and the Jordan Brand for a variety of reasons. Now that the two seem to be on the same page again, the once shelved Air Jordan IV Raptors colorway were surprisingly dropped during the game two of the finals. Of course the pair is already sold out. And of course Drake already had his pair during the first round.

Rank: 6 out of 10 chunes for your headtop

2000’s Toronto Mans Fit

Wearing a Dell Curry Toronto Raptors jersey to Game one of the NBA finals is the exact style troll move to expect from Drake. No one watching the game thought he actually sonned Steph, but kudos to The Boy for giving it a shot.

Other than attempting to get under the skin of the Warriors, this was a classic Drake style move. Paying homage to the early 00’s holds a ton of cache in popular culture today. The Global Ambassador  showed his understanding of this by wearing a retro Raptors jerseys along with nylon sweatpants and Nike BB4 Shox.

Rank: 7 out of 10 chunes for your headtop

Supreme X Nike

When you see superstar athletes and musicians wear gear that has yet to be or just released, it only makes you want it even more. Drake rocking the latest Nike and Supreme collaboration the day it dropped during the Eastern Conference Finals simply tells you how in tune he or his stylist is. The vintage inspired collaboration fits perfectly within his style. He got a fit off rallying the Jurassic Park crowd by wearing the striped hoodie along with Nike Air Force One ivory snakes. This is the perfect example of Drake staying in his style lane and doing it well.

Rank: 8 out of 10 chunes for your headtop

Techwear Drake  

Drake has never been seen as a rapper to push the style threshold. He normally stays in his lane of streetwear and sportswear, and the occasional suit. There is not anything wrong with sticking to what you like or what you feel best in. We really take notice when the rapper wears something other than a Supreme collaboration piece, Stone Island or OVO gear.

If you know Acronym that already gets you a level of respek from fashion nerds. If you wear Acronym that respek gets turned into admiration. When Drizzy showed up at the game in an Acronym X Nemen jacket, it didn’t break twitter, but it most likely heavily disccsued in the Acronym sub reddit. The German based brand has a cult following due to the technical craftsmanship that goes into their clothing. This is the kind of style pivot that works. Wearing something that is off kilter but still in your lane. Bonus points for Drizzy, he repped the brand knowing that Errolson (the founder of Acronym) is a fellow Canadian.

Rank: 9 out of 10 chunes for your headtop

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