Camp Collar Season

Two years ago fashion editors and enthusiasts tugged the camp collar away from the likes of Guy Fieri and other swagless fathers of the world.  The shirt was given a new lease of cool. Now in 2019, it has become the go to shirt for men who keep up with the fashion game in the warmer months.

The Stigma With Short Sleeves

The short sleeve shirt button up shirt  has always gotten a bad rep. It’s always been tied to uptight corporate accountants, who can no longer suffer through the summer heat with long sleeves. You wore them because you needed to look a little more proper, when it’s sweltering outside, but you felt uptight and dorky.

Camp Collars Just Work For Spring/Summer

In the streetwear and athleisure era we dress in now, the button down stock is at a all time low. Even dudes who weren’t teenagers anymore prefered graphic or logo heavy tees. The camp collar changed all of that. It injected some much needed swagger into shirting. The laid back top made wearing button ups fun again. They could be worn looser and more relaxed which didn’t make you look like a uptight corporate robot. A lot of the shirts are now made with summer friendly fabrics such as viscose, linen, and rayon aka you won’t sweat through your ass off like you would with cotton.

Other than the jack of all trades white t-shirt, there is no other top during the hot months that is as versatile as the camp collar. You can wear them with shorts or pants,  all types of footwear, wear them buttoned up, or even bare chested like Donald Glover. That’s the beauty of camp collars shirts they straddle the line of being dressed up and being casual perfectly. You get to decide which way it favours.

In terms of which camp collars to reach for there are options available. You can go full crazy and get yourself an obnoxious in your face print, a little crazy with like something like this, or if you’re boring there are plenty of solid colours to choose from.

Camp collars are simply awesome. Who doesn’t want to have the feel of perpetually being on summer vacation during the hottest time of the year?


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