Pants Have Become the New Barometer of Style

Normally when we judge someone’s fit,  begins at the feet. You get a baseline of someone’s style looking at what kicks they are rocking. Off-White Nikes… HYPEBEAST! All white Air Force Ones? They like to keep things simple.  Chunky Dad sneakers… They’re about the trends. But ever since sneaker culture has become mainstream, getting a gauge on someone’s sartorial taste level via their feet can produce inaccurate readings. Anyone that has the funds can now purchase a hype pair of sneakers on the resale market and be apart of the culture in 2019. Kicks moving into the mainstream space has diluted their cache as indicators of style. Getting a better gauge if someone is stylistically inclined has now moved up a few inches from the feet. Skinny Jeans… You basic.  Workwear Pants… On Trend. Baggy Track Pants… Drip. We are dressing in a time where we have never felt more comfortable bucking the status quo of conventional bottoms. Pants have become the barometer of style.

Skinny Fit Fatigue

It’s been almost a decade since Hedi Slimane introduced the skinny jean via his time at Dior and Saint Lauren. Yet, the impact can still be felt today. The slim silhouette has become the defacto fit for the majority of men. No matter if it’s a jean, chino or pair of trousers, they had to be thigh hugging. But there comes a tipping point when a trend simply gets over saturated, and you gradually see the shift to the exact opposite.

In the fashion game nothing lasts forever. The skinny jean had a good run. We knew we hit the peak of the trend when every other bro was in skin tight ripped denim.  This was in 2016; it’s time to loosen up your pants bro.

Morden Means Relaxed

Pants fall under the umbrella of macro trends.  These overarching trends that have a focus on proportion and silhouette. They take time to develop but last much longer than what is currently all the rage at the moment such as tie dye.

In the mid 2000’s a pair of slim denim represented what the ideal pant silhouette that modern man should strive for. A decade later, fashion’s idea of modern is no longer a pair of ankle hugging motorcycle jeans. It’s shifted into something much more relaxed, tailored, and undone. Bottoms are always the last thing to change on a outfit for a dude. But as the definition of slim pants begins to turn from contemporary to outdated, well begin to see a uptick in baggier pants.


There has never been a more wide open, wear whatever the fuck you want, attitude in menswear than in 2019. The bottoms in our wardrobe today don’t have to have one dominant shape. It’s not uncommon now to own a pair of workwear pants, pleated trousers, a baggy pair of cargos and a cropped pair. I’m not telling you to rid of all your slim denim and chinos. They still have a place within this space, but now is the time to try new bottoms.


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