How Much Is Your Outfit – The Most Flex Worthy Youtube Channel

Outside of the gram, the most relevant fashion and sneaker content can be found on Youtube. One standout fashion vlogger that has amassed a global following is Unknown Vlogs by Kofz Kaccalla. His vlogs covers everything a modern fashion Youtuber would have on his channel, but what separates him from other vloggers is the crown jewel of his vlog series “How Much is Your Outfit”.

How Much is Your Outfit?

Wherever and whenever Kaccalla travels he puts out a location and time on his Instagram bio for all his 116k followers who want their chance to flex. A large group of fashion enthusiasts gather in rap like cypher semi circle with the Youtuber calling out “who’s next”. One by one followers get a chance to break down their fit. It’s essentiality a fit pic on human growth hormones. Participants name drop what their wearing and how much each piece goes for. There is a cheeky cash register sound that gets edited in every time someone mentions a brand and it’s cost. After every outfit, a numerical value of how much was spent all together pops up in case viewers are too lazy to do math in their head. Since everyone being featured in the videos are “a part of the culture”, the participants are anxious and giddy as they finally get a chance to showcase their most prized possession and grails.

Big grins and smirks are common whenever someone names something that has loads of hype or resale value. The brands you expect a 2019 hypebeast would wear are regularly featured regardless of geographic location. The web series which has already been gaining momentum since it’s debut reached a new level of popularity when Kaccalla did the outfit challenge with the OVO crew. It comes to no surprise that Drake had to showcase his million dollar fit.

Watching teenagers attempt to show off their wealth and status is without a doubt cringe worthy. But if you can look beyond that, there are takeaways that can be had by these young guns who define themselves with clothing and sneakers.

Luxury Has Changed

The meaning of luxury was once tightly linked to craftsmanship and fine details. Sure, exclusivity has always played a part, but it was never the sole characteristic that made something feel and look luxurious. The teens wearing high fashion hoodies and sweatpants in the these outfit challenges are not wearing them due to the type of cotton that was used to manufacture them. Luxury for these hypebeasts means high resale values, high profile branding, and hype.

Hype Clothing Is Boring

After watching a few episodes (without shame) you begin to notice a theme. Eighty percent of the outfits regardless of location look the same. The hype uniform consists of some combination of Supreme, OFF-WHITE, Yeezy’s and Gucci. When the 15th teenager attempts to flex with another Supreme box logo hoodie it begins to resemble just another sweatshirt as opposed to a street wear grail.

Stand Out in Normal Clothing

The fits that stood out the most in all the videos were the outfits that cost the least. The kids who actually didn’t rely on instantly recognizable high end luxury and streetwear clothes were the ones that you did a rewind on to see their fit again. Watching kids put their own spin on Dickes, Carhartt work jackets, and plain old Uniqlo tees mixed with things that they found in vintage and thrift stores was leaps and bounds more interesting and inspirational.


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