Uniqlo Packaged White T-shirts

Basics at the moment are at a all time low. It’s a sign of the times that everyone is trying to collect as many eye popping emoji pieces as possible. Weird, ironic, and loud fashion is currently what is trending. And since we all dress for our internet followers, touting and bragging about basics is just going to get you a scroll by on the gram.

Basic have never felt more boring. Buying them almost feels like a waste of money. Yet, we still need them. If you’re like me and want to save your jawnz money for the bigger purchases, but still need quality basics, these pre packaged Uniqlo tee’s are the truth.

The tees are made with your standard cotton but have some sort of DRY tech infused with them to keep them as crisp as possible.They are advertised as being the perfect thickness, so you can wear them on their own or as  layer (it’s true). To top it off they come in pre packaged like they are a tasty egg sandwich straight out of a Japanese convenience store.

Still not sold? Pusha-T describes how he feels about his obsession with these Uniqlo tee’s by saying he lives and dies by them.  He continues to drop knowledge in this GQ video when he states that his little secret to give these basic tees a richer vibe is to use a steamer on them before he puts one on.

If a generic white tee is indeed too basic for you to move the needle, the brand’s recent collaboration with Alexander Wang will get your attention. The designer who has always been known for this t-shirts, has released a collection centered around Uniqlo’s Airism tech. The tees double in price from the standard offerings. But you get a shirt that offers a wide boxy cut, and a fabric that will keep you cooler.

These tees are basic, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate them. They feel good and make my life easier.

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