The influence of Instagram on the Fashion Bro

Every other week there is another article that makes its way to our news feed that specifically outlines just how terrible social media is to our mental health. The arguments are logical and  legitimate, yet we can’t stop. For plebs, who just want to see the latest memes and dog gifs, logging off Instagram is hard. For fashion enthusiasts, taking time off IG is nearly impossible. Constantly being on the the app is affecting how we we view and treat clothing.

Shift From Inspiration To Purchasing

There has been no other industry who has embraced social media like the fashion industry. Everything from fashion shows, unboxings, product drops, sneaker leaks, resellers and industry news can be found on the app. Before the word influencer was a term, there was a time when IG content had an emphasis on actual style. Real people wearing clothing that made you pause mid scroll and admire the individual for a fit well done. Once brands figured out that there was a way to monetize and make bags of cash off us,  content became less genuine. Well shot outfit of the day photos were now styled with the intent to monetize off of them. The app has now become a marketing tool hiding behind the facade of discovery. #ads and #sponsored content have become a mainstay.

Everything Has to Be Loud

It’s no coincidence that what is currently trending in menswear are all things that scream LOOK AT WHAT THE FUCK I’M WEARING. Colorful fleeces, leopard print, tie dye or anything iridescent are currently what’s dominating outfit of the day photos. Wearing eccentric pieces on the gram pays off. You want to be seen, and no one thinks their going to be seen when they post a outfit of the day photo in a white t-shirt and jeans.

It’s Decreased the Life Cycle of Clothing

There was a time when clothing purchases were made with the intent to wear them until they were worn in. These days the life cycle of a garment in your closet can reach its end of life after one wear. A part of that is due to the growing secondary fashion market. But we can’t overlook how we perceive clothing after its been featured as the highlight of a photo. That said piece has done its job, and now we’re on the hunt for the next flashy piece that will increase the like count. Having one night stands with the latest hype piece isn’t the way to appreciate clothing.

Flexing has Become the norm

Boasting in a non humble kind of way aka flexing has become the norm on the gram. Thousands of IG posts are posted daily with bros dressing in gaudy high fashion and streetwear pieces attempting to be the envy of all their followers. A #OOTD has become the equivalent of the money phone meme. The move now is to wear as many recognizable labels as possible and pose in front of some extravagant backdrop. Not only is flexing corny AF, but it sets the tone on how you need to be noticed online, which is being a boisterous douche.  It’s become embarrassing to see, but more importantly it dilutes personal style to a Gucci logo tee or hoodie.


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