Copping Sneakers In the Resale World

Reselling has entrenched itself within the sneaker community. Secondary marketplaces such as Stock X, Stadium Goods,GOAT are becoming increasingly popular and relevant for those who missed out on drops that are filled with hype. Venture capitalists are following the money and backing resale platforms on what seems to be an endless well of return on investment. With the booming resale market, what does it mean for people like me and you who like sneakers, but aren’t highly invested in them like hypebeasts commentators?

Sneakers with Hype Will Be Even Harder to Obtain

If you think copping a pair of kicks with some hype is difficult now, it’s only going to get harder. Deadspin’s “The Slow Death of the Soul of  Sneaker Culture” summed up it up perfectly. Shopping In the Secondary Market for footwear has become the suburban lemonade stand. The article argues that not only are you lining up with an influx of teens who are just getting into sneakers. You’re also competing against the growing number of them (along with their mom and dad) turning into resellers. With what almost feels like weekly features showcasing just how much money you can make by reselling in this market, we should expect more of them in the future.

Paying a Premium To Secure a Pair 

With the speed of how quickly sneakers sell out and the the power of internet “leaks”, we already know if we intend to buy a pair well in advance of its’ release date.  There is no longer a need to try on shoes to make up our minds thanks to dedicated online enthusiasts who break them down with detail. Purchasing via pre-sale on the secondary market by skipping the bots, sneaker raffles, to secure your pair will only get more popular. Even though you will be paying a premium, it’s will be worth your while since it’s not uncommon for sneakers that have a strong amount of hype to them (any travis scott sneaker) to jump in value after it sells out.

Old School Methods

The ease of online shopping has made us inherently lazy. Go to your local sneaker boutique enough times and build a relationship with them. Buy enough from them and the odds dramatically increase that they will be able to hold a pair for you when release day is upon us. Before the sneaker game got all high tech, these are the techniques a lot of us relied on to secure a pair and it still works in 2019.

Replicas Are Now A Thing

As the sneakers gain more popularity, so do the number of replicas that come into circulation. Fake sneaker get a bad rep. We often see them as shameless rip offs found in the night markets across asia, but replicas today easily rival the real things. Since it has become almost impossible to purchase the real deal at retail prices, people are circumventing the system by ordering duplicates instead. If the goal is just to flex, why spend thousands of dollars in the secondary market when you can spend a hundred on shoes that can only be deemed inauthentic by the dorkiest of sneaker nerds? Replicas are trending.  There is even a dedicated subreddit on them. And if they even come with fake Stock X authentication tags.


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