Don’t Give The Fashion Guy In Your Life A Fashion Related Gift

Why Fashion Related Gifts Don’t Work

We all know at least one hypebeast  in our life that is all about gear. You know, the guy who finds it perfectly normal to spend dinner time with his head glued to his phone just to watch how many likes his latest fit pic. Gifting something for a fashion man sounds easy in theory, but in reality it’s hard AF.  Any clothing or sneaker you try to gift him would just result in an immediate gift receipt. What about his grail piece? Well either it’s way to expensive or it’s too tedious to try and locate. You could go for the tried and true gift card route, so he can shop for his own gift. But giving one of those just screams you put zero effort. This holiday season, not gifting clothing or sneakers for the menswear obsessed guy’s in your life is the right play.

As a self proclaimed menswear dweeb, I can tell you receiving any fashion related gift is always a let down. We are apart of subculture that obsesses over every minuscule detail. While normal dudes are appreciative to receive an article of clothing, we are the ones who judge a graphic t-shirt like it’s an Andy Warhol painting and breaking down every minuscule detail. Everything from the fit, design and even the branding gets over analyzed

Most of us are not rude guys (unless it’s in the hypebeast instagram comments) so rest assured we’re going to thank you for your gift, but actually wearing the gift; it’s questionable at best. You’re gifting for a group of dudes where we would not wear something because that certain shade of blue doesn’t look flattering on us, or if the sleeves of a t-shirt were just too short. Then there are the savage fashion bros, who feel certain brands are simply beneath them (fast fashion, mall brands) and won’t wear something due to the fact that it’s price tag isn’t high enough or just that too many guys are wearing it.

What To Gift Him Instead

My suggestion to you kind plebs? Gift us some some gym classes, so we can get up and move after hours on end trying to find fall/winter 18 markdowns on the laptop. How about a book? Reading something other than product descriptions and reviews would be nice. Treating us to a nice dinner? Too many of us are still eating packaged ramen and dollar slices so we can put our money towards jawnz. Anything other than clothing and sneakers will be refreshing to us. Subcultures today are engulfing and we often get tunnel vision that acquiring garments is all that matters. Getting us outside of our fashion bubble might not be want we want, but it’s certainly what we need. We need your help. There is more to life than collecting hype sneakers  and clothing. Your gift might just help us realize that.

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