The Gateway To Straight Leg Pants – Dickies 874

Once everyone becomes comfortable and settled with an item of clothing, fashion loves saying “fuck this, i’m outta here” and go in the exact opposite direction of what the masses are wearing. After a decade of being told the ideal pants to wear are slim ones, things are loosening up. Slim fit has had its run, and if you are like me bored of wearing pants that hug your legs, look no further than a classic pair of Dickies 874.

Dickies has been around since the early 1900’s. They specialize in workwear, and more specifically, no hassle durable clothing. I ain’t going to front that I knew a lot about the brand before I tried on a pair. I knew the brand thanks to the rapper, the Game, and stayed away from them due to him.

The trickle down effect in fashion is real. While there has been chatter about baggy pants coming back into the fold, they are still rather difficult to find (If you don’t live in a fashion capital), and are mostly offered by brands at high price points. When you are not even sold on the idea a baggier pant, how do you expect us to pay up for a pair? After some digging on the internet, I was enlightened by the number of  fellow menswear nerds rocking Dickies as a alternative to skinny jeans, and making them look pretty cool.

Initially wearing a pair of pants with considerable room just feels odd. But after a few minutes you begin to understand why these pants have become a thing.

I know we collectively fell in love with slim fit because of how they made our legs look and we wanted to be on trend, but we’ve been missing out. The 874’s is simply a no hassle straight cut pant. It’s refreshing to finally to look down and not see your legs look like tooth pics. The 874’s are not baggy like rave pants, but there is room. To the naked eye they look like dress pants but are much more sturdy due to their workwear history. After a few wears they don’t lose their shape. Stylistically these pants are not hard to pull off. Since they were adopted by skaters as the defacto pant to wear due to their durability. They blend in effortlessly with casual staples. They also don’t look out of place if you wanna jazz them up too.

We’re dressing in a era where baggy and loose is the new signifer of cool. At $30.00 there really is no reason to give these pants a shot

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