Style In Your Thirties

Style in your thirties feels different. You have the cash to finally be able to afford the grails of your dreams, however being a self reliant functional adult gets in the way. You begin to look at the youth who devout most of their time to their outfit of the day pictures with a certain amount of disdain. Even though when I was their age, that’s all I cared about too. Instead of trying to keep up with all the latest micro trends, you hit a point where you follow fashion with a macro lens. Here is how I approach personal style now that I am getting old AF.  

The Age Appropriate Question

Asking yourself if this article of clothing is age appropriate is a sobering question that makes you feel old as hell. When you are in your twenties, you often give zero fucks. Any fit no matter how loud, obnoxious, in your face, is possible. But once you hit the three zero, a sense of responsibility starts to kick in. Even in the era of maximalist fashion where the trend is focused on being over the top, it remains a roadblock to wear something overly bright, and loud. There has never been a time where men’s dress code has been this lax, but at the same time, you got father time staring right at you every time you try and pull a crazy fit.

Menswear lives Online

If you ever needed a shot of inspiration, there are more than a plethora of avenues for menswear enthusiasts online. Whether it’s fit pics on the gram or diving deep to a brand’s finer details on a subreddit, it’s all possible. Sometimes when you are into gear, it feels like you are the only one in your circle of friends that puts consistent thought into clothing. Feel left out? Just take a hop online, and you’ll soon realize that menswear has been commodified to the point where it’s the Pokemon cards for grown men.

Change Is Hard

It’s only human nature to settle into a routine, and that’s especially true when it comes to what you wear on a consistent basis. When you get comfortable and confident with your personal style, there is a tendency to get complacent. You begin to not be as adventurous with trends, as you used to be. For the most part, we all stick to what works. While that necessarily is not a bad thing, as some of you just stick to the tried and true.Switching things up feels troublesome, until you do it. And yes, it even seeps into the details of our lives such as what we decide to wear. As difficult as it is to break from the battled tested fits, change is good. Give something a shot before you shoot it down with routine.   

There Are Other Priorities

Being the first wave of dudes that were dressed by the internet, you can easily get lost in the rabbit hole of weekly drops due to FOMO. There are other priorities other than collecting clothing, shoes and accessories.  Writer Jian Deleon put it best in his Complex article, “Style was not the goal; it was merely a signifier of other cool shit you were into”. Soley caring about style and clothing without having any other context to back it up makes it hollow. It took me a while to understand this for myself.  It’s everything else that you are into — the music that you listen to, the sports that you play or the books that you read — these are the driving force behind your preference of what to wear.

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