Breaking Down The Fit Pic

The fit pic is what it sounds like. A picture that can either be highly edited or quickly done a la mirror selfie that features dudes un-shamefully posing down like a street style MVPs. These photos have become routine within the community. We want to maximize our purchases, and today that must  include not only wearing the item, but also showcasing it digitally.


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There are essentially two ways to take a fit pics. The edited fit pic is when you convince a homie of yours to give you a hand and take a couple of snaps with your smartphone. Most pictures features backdrops of city buildings, exposed walls, and anything that is remotely cool looking. As far as how you’re supposed to look in front of the camera, there is absolutely no smiling; think blue steel and lots of it. The goal is to look effortless, and not like you’re trying too hard (even though you really are). No fit pic is finished without a catchy tagline, and some cryptic emoji’s. The second variation of the fit pic is the mirror selfie. A more organic looking image that gives off a much more casual vibe (often not edited). Sometimes you have an outfit that is SOOO FIRE, it would be a shame if you didn’t let all of your followers know what you’re rocking. A quick snap in front of a mirror before you leave home to capture whatever you are wearing that day. The mirror selfie is much more to the point and straight up asks the viewer to simply admire your outfit choice. The popularity of fit pics has gotten so popular there are even guides on how to take them on Reddit.

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If you could come up with an excuse for why so many dudes (me included) are sharing fit pics, you could say capturing outfits has become the modern way to document your personal style. And if you want to be apart of the menswear subculture online, taking them is a prerequisite. But let’s be honest, if you’re in on fit pics, you feel that your style is worthy enough to be seen. You want to be validated, and it’s okay to admit that. With that said, let’s not fool ourselves, it’s still an image that scream HEY! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT HOW GOOD I LOOK!

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