Archive - March - 2016

What Cleaning Out My Closet Taught Me About Style
24 Mar 2016

There are very few things I invest in other than clothes. It’s the one thing I can always justify to buy, even when those purchases make completely no sense. Over the years of being a pretty hardcore fashion enthusiasts, you tend to collect, stock, and sometimes hoard clothing. It add’s up! Everyone has their own […]

How To Show Off Your Personal Style without Peacocking
16 Mar 2016

With peacocking becoming slowly, but surely becoming a thing of the past. The current menswear landscape seems to be favouring the less-is-more approach. The new in vogue menswear look is going back to it’s roots with tailoring at it’s base, but fusing it with modern day inspirations such as sports and streetwear. With men taking […]

Dressing Your Age When You Still Love Streetwear
7 Mar 2016

Conventional wisdom will always tell you that you should dress your age. At my age, you’re supposed to embrace sport coats, blazers, and loafers. Self expression is done through accessories such as lapel pins and socks when you wear a suit to work on the weekdays, while polos and chinos are supposed to be worn on […]

Puma Stampd Athletics
3 Mar 2016

For those of you who frequent the site often, know my love for sportswear and streetwear. My wardrobe is essentially just a bunch of sportswear basics, with some streetwear sprinkled on top. If you know streetwear, Chris Stamp’s Stampd is a name that has been dominating menswear headlines for the past two years.  The brand’s minimalist […]