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Finding Your Personal Style Through the Internet
25 Mar 2015

Menswear has a lot to owe to the internet. It gave the opportunity for a lot of men (me included) who are genuinely interested in the industry, a chance to express themselves and throw our hat in the menswear game. Yes, there is a lot of archived menswear material floating around, but what often gets […]

The Democratization of  Streetwear
11 Mar 2015

Streetwear has always been the masters of supply and demand. The trick of any successful launch of a popular sneaker or collection has always been to keep the supply low and drum up the buzz with social media and the internet.  With the democratization of fashion and the increasing accessibility of brands, designs and silhouettes […]

Five Essential Canadian Menswear Brands To Know
5 Mar 2015

Canadian fashion has always taken a back seat to our American counterparts, whether it’s the larger channels of distribution, a bigger marketing budget, or more coverage down south from larger media outlets, there is no denying that American menswear brands receive more shine. Canadian menswear brands have come a long way to the point where […]