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Kanye & Menswear in 2015
26 Feb 2015

Kanye has never been shy with his opinions and his love of fashion; even in 2003, with his debut album, College Dropout, he distinctly told everyone he wanted to be considered the best dressed rapper alive. With his collaboration with Adidas debuting this week at New York Fashion Week, every piece of new information of […]

Five the Under the Radar Menswear Brands Outside North America
19 Feb 2015

Living in North America, we often feel like the world revolves around us and that is definitely magnified being a writer of men’s fashion in Canada. We often feel most of the important brands are all based here and predominantly only write, talk and discuss about the brands that are making an impact here in […]

What Does Menswear Mean in 2015
12 Feb 2015

If you’re just a casual fan of menswear, someone who’s visiting this site because my site fit the description of what you googled or someone who simply wants  to learn how to wear Jordan’s  (it’s how I get most of my hits on speaking of style), you need to know you’re now a part of […]